Gifts For Chicken Lovers – Holiday Gift Guide For Chicken Lovers

November 1, 2021

This holiday, get your crazy chicken lady and chicken guys as a gift. She talks to chickens and thinks about them when she is away. Chicken ladies need something even if it is a shirt saying how much she loves them. I have the inspiration to give gifts for chicken lovers.

Chicken lovers will find gifts for them.

I have found a lot of gift ideas for chicken lovers. Everything from t-shirts, feeders, mugs, saddles, chicken warmers, incubators, chicken pluckingers, egg baskets, and so much more.

Chicken Lady Gifts were designed by me.

This is a picture of my chicken. The outlined letters make them pop more than regular fonts. I added a few feathers to make it pop.

The travel coffee mug is perfect for the coffee obsessed and chicken lover. It's perfect for the busy homesteader. If you give those chickens a chance, they will get nosey and knock over the mug.

A golden wreath with flowers with the words "Chicken Mama" written in the middle. This mug is special because it has a surprise in it. There is a silhouette of a chicken on the other side.

I know, I know, this isn't chickens, but many of us chicken keepers also keep animals.

I'm all about that shirt. Do you know someone who loves chickens? If you prefer a design on a white t-shirt, we have a light-color option in our store that has black letters that will work well on a white shirt. You can check out our store. The link is not visible. The mascot at Homestead Wishing inspired me to create this design. His name is Camo. If you don't count that time, he's a fantastic rooster. He is one of the prettiest roosters I have ever laid my eyes on.

Chicken Stationary by Good Birds

Julie is at the store. is a website. I received some fun stationary. I love stationary and this is right up my alley. She has a video that shows some of the items she has. You can also check out her website to see her entire collection.

Chicken Lady is a T-shirt. shirts

There are saddles.These may help protect your chicken from the rooster.

For the chicken who loves to come inside.

Cool mugs are great for chicken lovers.

Since these mugs are so cute, we can represent our chicken love with coffee.

Chicken Socks are great gifts for chicken lovers.

I have seen these socks before and loved them. I decided I need a pair of them.

The last few years have seen a lot of these socks.

They are advertising these as compression socks. These are the prettiest ones I have seen.

These are for people who know what dabbing is. Do what you want.

Keep those feet warm with a nice pair of socks.

These are cute and could be worn with many different outfits.

These are the perfect socks for fall. They give the flannel feel.

These are the most adorable of the socks.

Do you love chickens? Do you like black socks? I think these are for you.

This reminds me of a children's book, that I can't remember the author's name. Is there only one?

Random chicken gifts.

If you know someone who wants to hatch eggs but doesn't have broody hens, this would be a great gift. This can help people hatch eggs.

If you know someone who wants to hatch eggs, they may be interested in an egg candler. If you're curious, a really bright flashlight does the same job.

The chick heater is an alternative to a heating lamp. The chick heaters are supposed to be safer than the heating lamps.

A chicken keeper who uses their chickens for meat will love a pluckinger. It makes plucking feathers much easier.

Egg baskets.

These boxes are the most sought after to store eggs. One of them can hold up to 34 eggs, which is great for chicken keepers.

This contraption is called a skelter if you haven't already heard of it. It can help you use the oldest egg first. Well, pretty neat right?

The egg basket is in the shape of a hen.

This is very cute. The bottom of the basket is a chicken wire.

If you like to keep them on the counter, this is a good egg basket. Learn more about it. Eggs are stored at room temperature..

The small chicken wire basket is cute. Learn about it. How long does the egg last? You can either store them on the counter or in the fridge.

These are great for cooks who use a lot of eggs. These containers are very sturdy.

These are perfect! You don't have to remove the container of eggs from the fridge to get eggs out of it.

There are other styles of egg drawers that can be installed in your fridge. These are easy to install.

Check out the post about building a first aid kit for chickens. Chicken first aid kit.

I have a post for Chicken signs. Chicken signs are cool.Check it out!

Chicken purses.

All of the purses here are chicken themed. Some of them have chickens on them, and some are shaped and colored like chickens.

This is a perfect gift for someone who loves purses.

The coin purse is a lot like the purse above. How great!

The little bag is matched by this cute wallet. These are cute.

The above coin purse is matchy-matched with this cute little tote.

The little coin purse is made from a feed bag.

This tote will get all the attention.

tote bags are great for carrying things around.

A cute little feather and a cute little feather with different designs.

The earrings have a small chicken on the end.

The rooster has a tail feather. The earrings and necklace are in this set.

This necklace has a golden chain and a golden rooster charm.

This necklace is for rooster lovers.

Ladies with an attitude and a love for chickens.

The blue color on the necklace highlights a white chicken.

I hope you have found the inspiration you need to give the perfect gifts for chicken lovers.

Are you looking for ideas to give to your goat friends? Check it out. The life is free range.They have some great ideas.

Do you have a gift idea to add? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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Chickens can eat bread. Chickens are known as garbage disposals on the homestead, and they eat anything they come across. They have great instincts about what they can't eat. Chickens are like dogs in that they love junk food. The thing about a chicken is that it is instinct.

I would love to know what you think.

  1. There are so many gifts for chicken lovers. I will send some earrings to a friend. We won't see each other this year.

    1. That is sad. I don't think things will get better, but you never know!

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