25 things on the “IKEA bring back” wish list. What’s on yours?

18 Nov There are 25 things on the wish list. What are you carrying on yours?

Some of their old favorites were brought back for their 75th anniversary. The GRATULERA series.. We wish the yellow and blue mothership would return, but not the other discontinued IKEA products. I received a lot of responses when I asked the readers a question. I am sure you have at least one item you hope IKEA will re-release. Add to the big, big “continued ikea items wishlist” in the comments section.

The Kivik single seat is the one that I am most fond of.

The desk cable management hack is a jerker. Click the photo to see the hack.

I would love to see the Jerker desk come back. I have two. I use both of them as my electronics workbench. They are large enough to support my three monitor computer setup, but they are easy to hack because of the holes in the uprights. I think I am not alone in wanting to bring back this discontinued product. I don’t know of any other desk with a petition on it. Own fan site..

I don’t think I am alone in this wish, there was a Facebook petition a few months ago and I don’t know of any other desk with its. Own fan site..

I would love to see the desk back. It is well made and modular. It can be made to be a stand-up or sit-down desk. They make a great workbench. Wayne Yoshida.

There was a limited edition. There is a wallpaper, I can’t remember the name but it’s a multicolored zig-zag effect. . Elaine has not seen anything like it since.

I think you mean the limited edition wallpaper from Ikea. I was able to get 3 rolls. &##128578; Jules.

The ngs garden series, which was the only one at 1 by 2 meters, was dropped this summer. Really a pity.

The Benjamin stool was used to watch movies in bed. Click the photo to see the hack.

The non. There is existence of BenJAMIN is a man. The IKEA stores are hurting a lot. I wanted to complete my stools with another couple years ago. The BENJAMIN cost 17 Euros back in the day, which is almost ridiculously little money for that kind, so I think that phasing them out is a good idea. / Germany

The Benjamin cost 17 Euros back in the day, which is a lot of money for a quality build. uwe

The best system for the white doors is the shaker style. &##128577; Sarah.

I wish that was the case. The fintorp is numbered 10238148. would come back. I wish the Undredal series had a tall chest of drawers. The Undredal is very strong. I love it. Fran.

I have missed one thing for so long that I don’t know its name. &##128577; We have it right now. The room divider is risR. It is very nice and classy, but also expensive at over 100. There used to be a simpler way to build a frame: three metal frames with a piece of cloth stretched over each of the bars. It would be easy to pick your own fabric and use it for the room divider and other details, if you paid something like 30 or 40.

Simple, easy, and Adaptable have vanished and there is nothing similar to replace them. RISR has neither cheerful simplicity nor its ability to adapt.

I could not find anything for a while. The room divider is in the room. I couldn’t afford them even if I wanted them for design because they were more expensive.

I want it back! I could use 2 or 3 of them, even if I didn’t need them anymore. Marjolein is a person.

I would like the RONDO dinner to be set back. Some of my teeth are getting damaged. It was a wonderful design. J Palmer is from Canada.

If there is a chance that we could request a discontinued item from ikea, I would choose. The Ikea 3-Seater Karlstad is.. I agree with you that this sofa should come back.

I have been using Karlstad 3-Seater for 5 years now at our house in East Malaysia. I think it would be good if Karlstad was still in production, because we bought a house in West Malaysia. Zull.

I think it would be good if Karlstad was still in production, because we bought a house in West Malaysia. Zull.

I would like to see this picture frame come back. I have something. There is a photo gallery. I add frames in black and white every year. . I found out last year that they are no longer available.☹ I like their look.

Red-brown should be a colour option across the board. Hemnes range.. I have a Hemnes console table in red-brown which is very nice and sits nicely with my other furniture. I would like to hack for hi-fi storage but it is discontinued in red-brown. Kim.

Like to see. The kitchen collection isdden. Lucas Kallinosis is from Australia.

I would like to see that. The cabinets are varde. Just love them! The person is called, “Gretchen.”

I no longer have a name, but I still like a seat in the seventies. It was a metal frame and textile seat with orange, yellow and dark blue colors. Michael khler.

I would like to see the glass door come back so that I can start a project on a low cabinet. Dilip.

The side table was turned into a laundry hamper. Click the photo to see the hack.

We love it. The series is called Antonius. The original wooden step stool is still in use, but the new one is shorter and thinner. Avriel.

The Ektorp sofas have more patterned slipcovers. There used to be a lot more.

There is a lack of shelving unit as dining benches. Click the photo to see the hack.

Ikaa needs to return. The bookshelf is kitsch.. It was a great media unit that could be used in many ways. The panels for wall mounting that were made of glass need to be returned. It made wall mounting large format TVs much easier. Kyle Mangano.

It is necessary that IKEA is brought back. The bookshelf is kitsch.It was a great media unit that could be used on the wall. Kyle.

The room divider and shelving were hacked into by the IKEA Mandal headboard. Click the photo to see the hack.

Yes, I said so. The Mandal bed.I have been upset about that one. The bed was out of stock when I bought it. I was so upset that it never came back that I kept waiting. Amy.

Lerberg wall shelves. Click the photo to see the hack.

I would love to see that. Lerberg is a person. It’s a perfect media storage rack for CDs, DVDs, and paperbacks. I should have bought more when they were still available. They were originally costing $CDN 5. Being sold on eBay for 25 dollars. Or more apiece, suck! Rebecca.

#23. The PS 2017 room divider is a product I am dying for them to re-release. It was announced, came out, and then was discontinued. The stores don’t know anything about it. I wanted to buy a few of these for our home studio, where we record music and my voice acting jobs. It looked like a great sound absorber. Amy is a person.

I think that the rocking chair and Lindmon should come back. Christine.

I would love to see the Markor and Leksvik lines again. They are both very different styles. I would like to see the Antique stain return in just about anything. The matching stain would work if I could not get the matching pieces. The dark brown of the Markor was nicer than the black/brown colour they have shown for a few years. Elizabeth.

I am quite sure this isn’t an extensive list. What about you? Do you have any discontinued IKEA products you would love to buy again? Let us know in the comments if someone at Ikea sees our wishlist and flicks the magic wand.

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