5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying a Pop Up Camper

Are you looking for a camper? I will be going over 5 things I wish I had known before I bought my first PUP.

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  • I can’t agree more with the unit. You can get by on a weekend trip without it, but you will have to go out west in August. You are a couple of days into a trip that is likely to last two weeks, and you will have to fly to Colorado or Wyoming. You will wish you had the means to cool down your camper at night, because it gets hot in Colorado.

  • If you need to wash your hands while cooking, take a bowl of water. It’s easy!

  • I found that most of the things in my trailer failed after a few years so I had to use alternatives.

  • My fridge didn’t work. The dorm fridge was installed in it’s place. It’s nice and cold, but doesn’t work off propane or 12v, which is fine with me. AC is nice, but you don’t have to run it all the time. The noise is better than sweating yourself to sleep when you need to run it. It doesn’t have a bathroom in it. I’m glad because I don’t want to smell someone taking a dump in the same place you’re living in. You can go if you get a spot near the latrines.

  • Is it just that the units that come with campers are not good? I have a dorm fridge from the ’80s in my office and it’s great. It’s about the size of a microwave. I wonder if getting a better fridge would solve the problem. This is assuming you have an electric hookup.

  • I towed a Coleman Sun Valley behind my Jeep. It was dry. We had a built-in stove that we used all the time. There was a small porta potty inside. We used the indoor sink all the time. No partying. I agree that it’s a waste. You’re going to have to bring a cooler. The storage space is more valuable than the frig. I never camped with an AC unit, and never had hookups. AC would have been useless if I had not wanted to run a generator all the time because I did a lot of off roading. The factory heater was very useful. I made modifications to my tent trailer to have batteries mounted on the hitch and an indoor conversion. I had no problem towing that trailer on the trails, even though I had modified the suspension to what’s known as “spring over axle” that netted me about 4 feet of lift.

  • What is the point of a pop up camper? This looks like a waste of money. I will get a camper that is real, not a tent on wheels.

  • I don’t like canvas campers. The best camper to get is a hard wall fold down camper. They have everything a house has, including a shower, and you can still get better fuel mileage if you have more weight. You are more likely to be able to run it. While traveling. Not so with the canvas type.

  • Have you thought of staying at home? Have you had fun? I found the same thing on our boat.

  • The tent is made of rain noise. Something soft over it reduces noise.

  • The a/c on our palomino and jayflight was not loud, but it did a great job keeping them warm in south texas.

  • The first time I rode out a storm in a pop up was not like the storms in my childhood, where the jacks were down. There is more sound, more movement of the beds. The ground stays still in a tent. I would rather do a pop up than a tent.

  • You don’t have kids who get really dirty. It’s nothing like a hot wash. Think about it. The fridge? It rains and it can be cold. I am not running outside at all. Take your food with you when you cook. There is more work with the out side sink. There is a basin of water pump soap and a towel. The outside stove is a good spot to spot on. The pain in the mooses is terrible. A fire pit or a real cook stove is a good choice. Remember you are camping, AC or furnace, it’s your choice, cool or heat before bed time. Give back to nature by cleaning your fish at the water source. Completely Correct, slide no more.

  • It sounds like you need a tent. If you get rid of your sink, where do you get water for your ice maker, since you don’t like your refrigerator?

  • My first vehicle was a school bus. We would have liked to have started out with a pop up camper. Thanks for the information.

  • I think that camping is about adventure and not about having everything at home. No reason to bring two or three portable kitchens, portable sinks, or Coleman stove.

  • Spot on. We did that 8 years ago. The inside stuff is gone. We added more storage. You have a Coleman and you cook outside over the fire. We tied our Coleman to the tanks. They sell reflective mylar sheets for pop-ups that reflect the sun off the slide outs. It stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Cut 2 to fit under the bunk mattresses. We don’t have an AC for winter camping. We use a small heating source inside. Finding a pop-up without all those items saves money.

  • I am a plumbing professional and I don’t think there is a hot water heater.

  • This guy needs a coach.

  • The fish cleaning station is very good. I will be giving one of those to my girlfriend and I will use it with our popup.

  • Get a fridge. When cooling, 4 watt when in the idle. I run mine off a Jackery 500.

  • Thanks for the tip on the fish sink! How about a shower and toilet? Do you think it’s important to have? Do you come up with other better solutions?

  • In Texas in August, I had my first experience with a pop up camper. They said it had an AC, but it reached over 130. The temperature stopped at 130 f. Air conditioning in the middle of a Texas summer is pointless. . If the AC had any effect, the noise would be an issue.

  • The frig is a storage space.sink is a counter space. Things. A. Also have never used it. The same thing never used it. We bring water. Bring solar lights. We use the propane stove outside. Sometimes, a good video for beginners.

  • You should quit camping with any kind of RV asap. Do you have a special service that will pick up your package at the front door, or do you have to go through the hassle of expelling the energy? Why post this video? Bears will raid your camp if you have a smell of toothpaste.

  • Agreed on most. Ours doesn’t have the AC so we don’t comment on it. Agree or disagree on the refrigerator. Ours burns very little propane. We love it.

    The fish sink is a great idea. I will be borrowing that.

  • I live in Florida and am thinking about a pop up to avoid storage fees, but I can’t have a RV in the driveway or backyard. I didn’t realize that pop ups are not as insulated as tents and that the noise during the day is not as good as AC. Would you say the pop up was better than tent camping? Would you do it again or not? My dream car would be a small one that could fit in a garage and be able to tow a Van with a load of over 3000 lbs.

  • This was amazing. I’m looking into buying a pop up and this was helpful.

  • We went back to tent camping because of that. We have room for everything, we bought a cargo trailer.

  • We just bought a pop up. We’ve been using an air mattress in the tent, but I’m looking forward to getting off the ground. I’m looking forward to having the fridge, water and AC. We usually do 3 to 4 nights so we can keep the fridge cool. If it rains, that bench and table is a plus. It is possible to sit and work on crafts or read.

  • If I lived in a car, I would buy a pop up camper to stay in.

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