Gilad Atzmon

GA gave an introduction. Aedon Cassiel focuses on the most problematic and controversial aspects of my work in this interview. We talked about Jewish power in the context of race, biology, genes and eugenics. We looked into Jewish survival strategies, controlled opposition, and identitarian dystopia. We looked at cognitive partitioning and The Bell Curve. I didn't get cut slack. He was not a fan of my work. I had a lot of fun with his questions.

Who do you consider to be speaking to in your work? If you don't have a specific audience in mind, then my question is: if only one group of people could hear your message, who would you choose, and what would you do about it?

This is important to me. I don't intend to speak to people who are different from me. I have no interest in politics or activism. I am looking for something. I am fascinated by the troubled history of Jews, their survival strategies, overrepresentation in media, politics, banking, and the Manhattan Project. The worst landlords in New York City.They have a lot of power in political lobbying. I am trying to identify the cultural roots of that. I am interested in metaphysics that forms the Jew, not the Jew himself. I am interested in culture and ideology.

The last third. Being in time.The idea of controlled opposition is based on the idea that Jews tend to both lead and manage criticism of Jews, even of criticism promulgated by other Jews, which has the effect of pushing non-Jews out of the debate. Are your efforts to create a controlled opposition the same thing? Why not?

Thanks for raising the point. If Jewish survival strategy is as sophisticated as I suggest, you and others should be careful with Jewish ideologists and ideologies. I suppose this applies to me as well. My work must be critiqued, and hopefully it will stand the test of reflexes.

Being in Time is available. is an online


What do you mean by "Jews are certainly not a race, nor even an ethnicity?" What do you think these terms mean? Is it that Jews have too many different groups to be considered a single collective, or is it that race and ethnicity are meaningless categories in general?

It is more likely that Jews have not formed a single continuum as far as ancestry, genetics, or biology are concerned, despite the fact that many Jews insist that they belong to one race and share one father. Despite the fact that Jews do not form a racial continuum, their politics are always racially oriented.

Is race and ethnicity meaningless in general categories? Not at all. I am not an evolutionary scientist or an anthropologist, and the study of race or ethnicity is not my domain. I dig into some questions about Jewish identification.

You discuss the sociological implications of cognitive partition in Jewish society over time and the historical cause of this phenomena, as well as the practice of selective breeding in Jewish rabbinical culture. This is one of the key points in which your work comes back. You want to avoid making a claim that genetic influences are part of the explanation for why these patterns persist. How could genealogy not involve genes in Jewish society? It seems odd to specifically identify breeding patterns as being responsible for this development, and yet you don't believe that heredity is the method of transmission. Do you think the mechanism behind this phenomena is behind the history?

I have no doubt about it. Being in time.The European Jewish rabbinical meritocratic system can be seen as a eugenic project. . I would be happy to learn that an evolutionary scientist has decided to look into my model and make a scientific study that will verify or refute my assumptions. Kevin MacDonald has produced the most important work on this topic to date, and the animosity he is subject to suggests that he is an Athenian truth-teller.

You prefer to talk about ability as a general term rather than using IQ as a specific instance. What theories do you have about the ability of Jews?

I don't give facts or statistics in my work. The reader, the listener, and I are all raising issues. I give an interpretation or analysis of a situation, a set of problems in our current reality, and it is up to you to examine it, play with the ideas, and eventually make a decision.

I am troubled by the debate over how to measure IQ. A person's merits can be judged by their ability. John Coltrane was the most accomplished saxophonist. I don't need to see his results. Would Donald Trump score higher than Hillary Clinton on an IQ test? I don't think it is. He was more likely to win the election. The key insight made by Richard Herrnstein is what I refer to as ability. Was it that they knew that America was going towards a cognitive partitioning? Herrnstein was an academic genius.The Bell Curve is a curve.The book was burned by the favorite icons of the Left, like Noam Chomsky, and others. I allow myself to argue that Gould, Chomsky and others trashed the world. The Bell Curve is a curve.It is the responsibility of the person to live in a dystopia. The validity of IQ measurement and comparisons between races were issues for me.The Bell Curve is a curve.The core of the oppressive reality in which we live has been addressed by the warnings about cognitive partitioning.

Would you say that it is rational for Jews of higher ability to want to keep their society focused on cognitive partitioning?

It is hard to know if it is the result of a conscious decision. What I argue against.Being in time.It is not as different as it could be. Since America and the West have evolved into divided environments, it is no surprise that the Jewish Ashkenazi elite is prominent.

You frequently wish to see manufacturing return. I agree that this is a part of the picture, but you wouldn't advocate sending academics out to work in factories and fields, for example. What would the dissolution of cognitive partitioning look like in practical terms? What would we have to do, how long would it take, and what would be the main difficulties?

I believe that society will change. I don't think that society needs millions of unemployed Gender Studies graduates. Production and agriculture must be restored for society to function. Those who are qualified for higher education should be able to get it for free. How many doctors are needed, how many engineers are needed, or how many feminist scholars are needed are all questions that a functional society must decide. The education should be free and at the highest possible level. This would mean planning. This also suggests that academia wouldn't be a self-serving industry. If industry, manufacturing, and production are starting to roll, we may find some very intelligent people involved. I don't see this as a negative development. Society will once again be diverse. Isn't that what the progressives have been promising us for a long time?

How much influence identity politics had on American society that never invited Jews in?

I have no answer to the question. Identity politics is a revolutionary ideology. You don't need to be present in a place to spread the ideology.

Would American society have freed the slaves if it weren't for the Jews? Feminism would have become more radical and divisive.

We have to be careful. We have to distinguish between political acts that unite us as humans and those that break us up into tribes. The abolition of slavery was a political project that was partially motivated by ethical reasoning. The same applies to women. Feminism and lesbianism are just as bad as Jewish identity politics. They are biologically oriented identitarian thoughts that are set to maintain a fragmented, sectarian social environment.

Black-white relations would be as tense without identity politics. If Jews helped push the legitimate form of early identity politics to achieve their aims faster, and held on by the skin of their teeth as identity politics outlived its purpose and became toxic, how can we even begin to analyze the net impact of these two diverging phenomena?

I think that this is what I attempt to do. Being in time.I try to understand the factors that broke us into sectors.

Your analysis shows that Jews have been a leading force in promoting identity politics as a means to divide and break society in order to ensure that no one else is allowed to have a stronger sense of homelessness. If the root of the effort to promote this kind of division is the Jewish sense of homelessness, then why isn't giving Jews a home to take away that feeling of homelessness?

I think allocating a national homeland for the Jews was a great idea. I argue that early Zionism was a movement that was effective in its ability to diagnose the Jewish problem and cultural symptoms. Zionism's failure suggests that planet Earth is not a good place for a homeland. Zionism has proven that the Israelis didn't develop an empathizing notion of otherness despite their initial promise to turn the Jews into "people like all other people". The treatment of the Palestinians proves this point. Israel doesn't love its neighbors. Along with its dedicated Jewish lobbies, it pushes for global conflicts. I am accused by some of reopening the Jewish question, but I am not going to try to solve these problems.

Let's talk about how intentional you think these Jewish tendencies are. Tim Wise is an anti-racist activist who travels around lecturing about giving up white privilege and challenging everyone else to do the same. Wise speaks about himself as if he were of European origin, even though he never identifies as a Jew. Is it worth mentioning someone like Tim Wise, who is of Jewish descent but does not identify as a Jew or politically as Jewish?

In. I restricted my analysis to those who identify themselves as Jews. This was a relatively easy task, and it helped to clarify that the anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic groups are one. In. Being in time.I extended my scope. I'm talking about the Athens/Jerusalem dichotomy again. Jerusalemites know who is kosher. treifA basket of people who are not nice. Jerusalemites who subscribe to secular chosenism are the Progressives. They attribute to themselves a special sense of superiority and at the same time look down on the so-called "reactionary." Tim Wise and other prog-preachers should reflect. He should ask himself why he thinks that way. He should wonder why he thinks that resembles a Jew.It was called Treif.. Can he love his neighbor? Jerusalem is a form of obeying, but Athens is a hard job. It involves constant conceptual shifting.

Do you think Tim Wise is aware of the divisive outcomes caused by his style of identity politics? What extent is this conscious?

I don't know. My role as a philosopher is to find the answers to the questions. I believe that these are questions that Wise should ask himself and that others are entitled to ask of him. These are some of the questions that should be pondered by each of us.

This question is not as focused inside your main line of argument as my others are, but it crossed my mind as I was reading. Is there any reason why Jewish influence over divisive forms of feminism would be as significant as it was, and yet Jews have not co-opted the so-called men's rights movement? Feminism serves Jewish interests, but not MRA ideologies.

Great question. Otto Weininger said that the man was a woman. Maybe this is the answer to your question. I stopped being a Jew because I didn't want to be a woman. I have to look into that for a while.

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99.6% of Germans Contaminated with Glyphosate Is It Connected To The Jewish Plan To Kill 6 Million Germans?

Is the Jewish plan to kill 6 million Germans connected to the glyphosate?


The.The truth is ugly.I saw a connection.

The suicide rate of the German people could be explained by this.

Studies are done.Rats exposed to high levels of glyphosate suffer from reproductive problems, including delayed puberty, decreased sperm production, and decreased testosterone production, according to laboratory animals.

Theodore Kaufman told us that Germany must be mass-sterized. Most people associate sterilization with surgery or vaccines. There are many ways to ensure a man or woman doesn't have a baby.

This could be one of the ways they have been using to carry out their genocidal dreams against Germany.

They used to poison our wells and now they are poisoning the food and drinks. Learn more.Theglyphosate is almost germans-contaminated.

Germany must be Perish!
A Jew proposes a drug. The question is,

The man who led the avengers said that Chaim Weizmann supported a Jewish group's plan to murder Germans.

The man who led the avengers said that Israel's first president supported a Jewish group's plan to murder Germans.

The plan to poison bread at a bakery was revealed by Joseph Harmatz, a 73-year-old British man. Read more A Jewish publication.The plan to kill 6 million Germans was revealed by the survivor.

The country reacts against Jews when they reach the saturation point. The reaction cannot be seen as anti-Semitic in the ordinary sense of the word, it is a universal social and economic consequence of Jewish immigration. Quoted in Albert S.The Jew was accused of something.The book was published in 1991 (p. 277). .

Excerpt from:Behind theholocaust byjb-campbell is a song by darkmoon.

The Jews of the world wanted to destroy Germany.

We can't understand their insane drive to do this, but the facts are irrefutable. They wanted to destroy the Russian people and the ruling class after taking over Russia in 1917. They wanted to destroy the American people from an early time, dating back to 1913.

The destruction of the Russians, Germans and Europeans depended on the takeover of the American banking system in 1913, which was followed by the assassination of the Austrian archduke in 1914.

Germany was 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 800-273-3217 They were blamed for starting the war and had to pay a lot of money back by the early 1920s. Hundreds of thousands of Germans died because of a blockade by England and America to prevent food from entering. Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover and Norway's Vidkun Quisling organized a food convoy to save starving people in Europe. The name of a man has been turned into a dirty word by the Jews and is being used by people who should know better. He was a great humanitarian and took Germany's side against the forces of Judaism and Bolshevism for over twenty years.

Franklin Roosevelt came to power in the depths of the world depression in 1933, but his opponent, Hitler, came to power in the depths of the world depression in 1933. The Federal Reserve System has caused Germany and America to be starving. They were starving because the Fed had taken the money supply out of circulation and refused to issue new currency. Farmers and businesses were denied credit for no reason. The punishment for gold was ten years in prison and ten thousand dollars in fines, which began in April. He raised the price of the gold to thirty-two dollars after he got all of it. That made it the boldest scam until that time. The Federal Reserve System got gold and a huge increase in value.

Unemployment in the bankrupt country was at 50%, and Hitler came to power. The Americans stole all of Germany's gold by the early 20s, so there was no basis for a monetary system other than to keep borrowing from the Jewish crooks on Wall Street that had given Germany the Young Plan and the Dawes Plan of perpetual indebtedness to private bankers. What to do?

Lincoln had a debt-free currency and Hitler and Hjalmar had debt-free currency. The German economy was regenerated quickly and the working class was the greatest prosperity in the world, while the rest of the world was stuck in the Great Depression. The war that followed this crime was the most terrible in human history and resulted in the deaths of millions. Our nuclear bombs were dropped on Germany's allies because they weren't ready in time.

In this nauseating little book, Kaufman suggested that every German male be castrated. Time Magazine's response? —

Theodore Kaufman wrote a charming little book.Germany must be Perish.The starvation deaths of millions of Germans was the result of the Morgenthau Plan. .

Ellen Brown and Bill Still have provided us with debt-free currency plans that will eliminate our debt to the Federal Reserve in less than one year, based on the Hitler model, which they don't want to say. In April of last year, John F. Kennedy issued four billion dollars in debt-free US Notes. When Lincoln asked the bankers for war loans, they wanted 34% in interest. He was able to survive a few days longer than his war against the bankers.

Let's understand what happened in the Holocaust. Why don't Brown and Still credit Hitler and Schacht with the secret to economic prosperity in the face of the total meltdown? The Holocaust is what made it so. The greatest economic miracle in history occurred in Germany under Hitler, who ignored the central bankers intent on raping the world, seizing real property, through high interest and deflation. The Russians have recently confirmed suspicions that the American legend of the Depression is a lie. Russian investigators have shown that millions of Americans died of starvation and exposure during the years 1941 to 1929 but their deaths were not recorded as homicides.

Hitler remarked in his declaration of war following Pearl Harbor that he had delivered Germany from the doubly devastating conditions of the Versailles Treaty and the general world Depression by 1935, while Roosevelt kept America in a state of misery with his Federal Reserve policies. He stole all the gold from the people and then increased its value by 60 percent. He refused to do the things Lincoln did and the things Kennedy did, he refused to issue debt-free currency and rescue the American people from poverty and death.

How could that happen? How could Hitler state that? It was true. It was simple and true. The secret to prosperity is for the government to issue debt-free currency in the amounts necessary for commerce and growth. The constitution's first section was about that. We should read that over and over again. The Congress has the power to coin Money, regulate the Value and foreign Coins, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures. The Congress has the power to punish counterfeiting of the Securities and current coin of the United States.


The owners of the Federal Reserve System are pictured here.

The Holocaust is a device to make the idea of debt-free currency seem less terrifying to us because anyone who would do it would want to gas the Jews. Read more

99.6% of the German population was found to have been contaminated with the weed killer.

The German population is contaminated with the cancer-causing weedkiller, glyphosate, which is used on genetically modified crops.

It proves that the chemical is in our world and our bodies, and that it is not broken down in the soil as we have been told.

An old Jewish family is Monsanto.

The German Beer Industry is in shock over the issue of Glyphosate.

The results of laboratory testing done on 14 of the most sold beers in Germany were released Thursday by the Environmental Institute. The 14 beers tested were found to contain the most used herbicide in the world, glyphosate.

glyphosate beer

Hasserder Pils is 29,74 g/l. The beer was called the Radeberger Pilsner. Veltins Pilsener has a capacity of 5,78 g/l. Oettinger Pils is 3,86 g/l. The Pils were 2,99 g/l Erdinger, Paulaner, and Bitburger.

The World Health Organization's cancer agency declared that the weed killer,Glyphosate, is a risk factor for cancer.Human carcinogen..

The German Brewers Association called the study by the Environmental Institute not credible, but admitted that the low levels of the probable human carcinogen, glyphosate, could not be prevented because it is found virtually everywhere after decades of use in agriculture.

Stone- Age industry funded science suggested that the higher the dose of a chemical the more dangerous it was, however modern independent science has discovered that many toxic chemicals have as much or more of an influence on our health.At low levels.These chemicals are called hormone hackers.The endocrine disrupters.) .

The health costs to the European Union of hormone hacking chemicals are over according to a study from March 2015.A yearly amount of $ 150 billion.!The study stated that lower IQ, adult Obesity and 5% or more of the cases of the disorder are linked to exposure to the endocrine disrupters.

According to independent scienceGlyphosate is likely to be a hormone hacking chemical. Find more information about this.Here.. ”

Jewish Chicken Soup with Matzo balls…The Real Jewish Penicillin

My childhood memories are made of this recipe. It is what I need to turn to when I am sick or tired. The rich golden soup makes me feel better. The Jewish Chicken Soup is full of veggies, tender chicken and moist, melt away matzo balls, and it is the answer to all of live's hard times.

This post is a recreation of my very first post on the internet. I decided to make it better because it was so close to my heart.

Every year, I get a request from my readers and clients to teach them the secret to a real Jewish chicken soup. My first chicken soup starts with two ingredients, heart and soul.

Call it a cliche. Chicken soup is made with love. My mother told me that I should make it with love and that it would always be right.

I would only eat Chicken Soup as a kid. We had to have it in the house all the time.

I can still remember the wonderful taste. My mother used to give me food. She would take a piece of bread and put some meat in it and then give it to me. I have always had that taste in my mind.

This is my calling when I am sick. I eat every last piece of chicken skin and slurp up every golden circle of chicken fat when I am sick, because all diet programs are off when I am sick.

I think of my mom when I am sick because she fed me soup when I was a child. Her soup was always simple, with chicken, vermecelli noodles, and a few parsley roots and carrots. She used to make it with matzoballs. That was it. It was just good. Lifting my spirits and lowering my temperature are always done.

My mother used to make me a lot of chicken soup, but she is no longer around to do it anymore, so I make my own.

This soup is so important to me that no words can explain it. It brings me back to a simpler time when my mother was my constant companion.

My mother was worried that her daughter needed food. She made chicken soup for me almost every week. I felt the love that she put in her soup. She always told me that a piece of me must always be in the dish. Your food will always be good. ”

Her soup was always hers. It tasted different when my babushka made it. It made me feel better. My mom's chicken soup is not going to be duplicated, but there are ways to make it better. That is enough for now.

I was making soup for my freezer and I had finished my babushka. Babushka is 89 years old and still remembers everything. We always talk about food and family gossip because it hurts her too much to remember.

Babushka tasted the soup and said, "Milachka, may your hands never hurt," a Russian proverb that means more in Russian than it does in English and somehow the translation is lost in English.

I was proud. I was happy that I used her recipe to soothe my little one's tummy and sniffles. My soup is healing and my embraces are warm.

I pass my mom's recipe onto you.

I always put this soup in my freezer and holiday tables.

This is the reason that it is included in my.
The dinner menu for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.)

This chicken soup is not canned gross stuff. This is stuff that real Jewish grandmothers have passed down.

This is gold. It is a golden soup filled with little to no topping but lots of flavors. This is the stuff that is popular with the Ashkenazi Jews. The cure to everything from tummy-aches to chest colds, is the run of the mill bad day.

Chicken soup heals. Chicken has fat that thins out mucus in the nose and lungs. So exhale in the fat happy people.

The ultimate chicken matzoball soup is my top tips.

Start with cold water.
Adding Kosher Salt to the water makes the stock less cloudy.

A good chicken is tip #3. My mother taught me to use the best products in cooking. This recipe is the same as before. Try and get a chicken from either Amish or Free Range. They look different, due to the difference in their diet.

The water to meat ratio is important. You end up with a watery soup. It's a bad thing. The chicken will be covered with enough water.

I am sure you noticed there is no chicken base in this soup. If you let the soup cook for a while, you won't need any base. My mom never used it in this soup.

You want a big pot. The 7.5 quart container is mine.

Put your chicken in a stockpot and cover it with cold water.

You will notice that the scum are coming up. It is just coagulated blood. I let it go for 25 more minutes.

Prepare your carrots. I like to get the ones with the greenery still attached to them. It makes everything seem better.

What is that? You never used a root parsley? It is a sweet and parsley-like substance. It's brilliant huh?

I use an unconventional approach. I dump the soup into a large container. The Cuisinart Over-The-Sink Colander is.We can start fresh with a new soup. . The Asians make their soup so clear. The chicken and the pot of scum need to be washed.

We put all the vegetables, parsley, chicken, salt and pepper in the pot. After covering it with cold water, let it cook on low for about two hours.

Put all the ingredients in a large container. The bowl is used.I like to add a dash of dill to my food.

It should be smooth when you mix it all up with a spoon. For 20 minutes, put this mixture in the fridge. Bring the water to the boil.

I like to scoop them into my hand and then roll them out with the ice cream scooper.

The secret to fluffy matzoballs is also related to how long you cook them. I have made matzoballs at many different places I worked and I have learned a lot.

If you want a heavy matzoball, cook it for 25 minutes. If you are going for airy floaters, you should boil them for at least 35 minutes.

Carefully place them in the pot of water.

It should be turned down to a boil. Allow them to cook for 35-40 minutes. You can serve them immediately with soup or you can cool them down and put them in a container in the fridge.

Our soup is back. If you want salt, add it to taste it.

If you want to skim the fat off, the easiest way is to put it in the fridge and let it solidify over night. You can remove the fat solids and make matzoballs again.

If you like to serve soup with a matzoball or two, some veggies, meat on the side and a sprinkling of dill, you should.

I always make a little more and freeze the rest, this way I always have chicken soup in the house. . * * *


The Jewish Chicken Soup is full of veggies, tender chicken and melt away matzo balls, perfect for sniffles and heartbreaks.

There are ingredients.

For the soup.

For the matzoballs.


There are notes.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Mila! It was the most popular post. I hope you will come back and share with us again this weekend.

      • I bought all the ingredients and now I don't know how to cook it. Do you cover it when it's cooked? Do you cover it all the time? How long is the initial boil? Thanks.

        • I am confused. You say you put it in a strainer and start with fresh cold water? You throw away the first cup? It was very bad.

          • Yes. It is an Asian method. You throw away the first boil and end up with a clear soup.

          • My grandma is from Poland and she did the same thing. This recipe is very similar to hers.

          • When you throw out the first cup, you also throw out the dissolved chicken meat. I get a clear soup by pouring the soup trough a sieve and catching the foam and blood. You can use cheese cloth. I am curious why you don't use it.

          • My mom never used it, so there is no reason for the lack of it.

    • I have been making chicken soup for 36 years and after following your recipe, I know what I was doing wrong. I think I have just made the best chicken soup of my life thanks to you. I will be sticking to your method. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      • A very strange thing! This comment is why I love my job so much. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        • Thank you again, Mila. How much kosher salt do you add to the soup?

    • Hi, Mila! I was reading in your reply that you roasted the chicken and veggies before cooking them in water, which will make them into soup. The need to initially cook the chicken leads to a scum in the soup. How long do you roast the chicken and veggies before you cook the soup together in the pot? Thanks!

      • I don't do that often. If you want to get the flavor into the soup, you should roast for just as long as you want. Roasting them will add flavor but it will take more time to make the soup.

  2. That soup looks delicious. I have never had Matzoball Chicken soup, but now I could have a big bowl. I have too many of your recipes on my to- cook list.

    • Thank you Dini! I add 3 more to my list when I remove something that I have already cooked. It is absurd.

  3. One of my favorites. I need to try parsley root. This is a great recipe.

    • Thank you for that! The parsley root was always my mom's touch.

  4. Talk about some serious comfort food. I love this dish. It's perfect for the soul. I will take a giant bowl.

  5. I have never made Matzoball soup before. This looks great!

    • Thank you Rina! It is easy as you can tell. It takes some time to actually cook, but it doesn't require much energy from the cook.

  6. We appreciate the recipe and memories you shared with us. I love matzo ball soup. I used to eat it a lot when I was a teenager as my friends were Jewish. I can make it!

    • Thank you for reading! I am a huge fan of your stories and your website so I am happy that you are here.

  7. The is the best post I have read in a long time. I love that you have written from your soul to mine. I love this soup.

    Your babushka was correct, you will always be able to cook like this.

    • Your comments made me cry. This is the reason I'm going to write. I am grateful to be able to write my heart out on paper.

    • A wonderful recipe. Except for the vegetable. I wouldn't put it in chicken soup. It was too strong a flavour. The flavour was wrong. My grandmother never used the dish that was the best chicken soup.

      • All the grandmothers in my family used to use dill. I lovedill as a chef and as a's one of those herbs that you either love or hate.

  8. This is a beautiful post full of love and affection. The soup looks delicious and it is prepared with love.

  9. I must make this soup.

    • Thank you Maria! Make sure you let me know how it went when you make it.

  10. I want to make sure I understand that you don't put the veggies and herbs in the first step if you don't use the water to cook the chicken?

    • That is correct. It will allow for a cleaner soup.

  11. I read everything. You made a tear in my eye. I love this person. I can't tell you how much I love this. A beautiful story, memories and instructions for a recipe. I learned a lot. I love the Asian technique. I have to ask, do you really dump the first cook's soup? This looks amazing, I need to do some major sharing.

    • Thank you Nagi. These are the kind of posts that let me reminisce and write about things that happened in my life. I pour off the soup. It is not worth it for me to save it because there is so much scum and other dirty stuff. My mom and babushka were very patient but I am not as patient. When I learned about the Asian technique, my father in law confirmed that he does the same thing.

      • I am Hi! I am. My partner is not Jewish but he is interested in my chicken soup. It passes muster. We live in Asia. I do the same thing as you. I roast the chicken and veg. This cooks the proteins so you end up with a clear golden soup. I don't want to hurt your mother's toes but I must try. If you can improve on her, that's great. She can tell you if it's true. Right. Try, I might like it.

        • I have done this for Passover as well. There is always room for improvement.

  12. Is it any better when mom serves it to you? Mom has always made things better. It looks like Jewish penicillin, so I love it. Are you talking about parsley root vegetables? I have never seen parsley root. I can not imagine throwing away the initial chicken soup, but I will check it out per your instructions. I have never made matzo balls. I am not Jewish but I am thankful that my mom would put her love into the meals for all of us.

    • When my mom first started shopping in America, she used to buy parsley roots instead of parsnips because she was confused that they were parsley roots. She found gold at the farmers market one day. The way you know is by the smell. The parsley roots smell sweeter and more fragrant. parsley roots are divine You will know the difference when you smell them. I am eager to start my own garden because I have yet to find the cilantro roots that are just as good. You and Nagi are both worried about that first boil. It's not worth it to save what you get, it's scum and stuff. I promise if you cook the soup long enough with the right veggies you will get the most intensly flavoured soup.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Will be looking for the parsley root.

  13. I use everything and put the soup in a strainer after 3-4 hours, it is better than my Bubby's was.

    • I have tried it both ways and I did not see a huge difference. I am always willing to try new things.

      • There is a thank you. Enjoy Passover and your chicken soup and knaidlech. !

  14. I am late because I have a lot of Jewish friends and I used to make Yiddishe Momma's chicken soup and deal with matzo balls in high school. . With our winter coming, I need your very clear instructions by my side soonest. The time is right because of the rain. ! My husband taught me to make meat patties with matzo meal and soda water.

    • You are not late, my dear! A girl with true Jewish friends would love that term, meat patties with matzo meal.

  15. I am confused, too, you know what I mean. You don't want to put the chicken back in the pot with the vegetables. How does the chicken flavor get into the soup if you throw out the first bunch of soup? What is it that I'm missing? I assume you mean after the first 25 minutes, you start fresh with water, chicken, and veggies. I have made lots of chicken soup in my life. My mom was a master soup maker. I share your feelings about being close to her when I make her soups. She used to puree the vegetables and serve them in a soup that was not a clear broth but a delicious one. To you and your family, Chad Sameach.

    • I am sure you will add the chicken back in, I type too fast for my own good. What a great technique your mom used. ! I feel connected to everything when I make this soup... even being plant based now.

        • Do you cook the whole chicken in the picture? My mom always cuts it before making soup. Do you add bread crumbs or matzo meal to ground chicken?

          • I left it whole because I was feeling like I was cutting it up. No rhyme or reason. I stopped putting bread in kotletki because they turn out perfect if you don't overcook them.

  16. This looks great. I am on chicken soup duty for the second night of Seder and I want to make sure I understand, do you discard the original chicken soup that you make when you boil the chicken in water, or use the cooked chicken and raw vegetables to make the new chicken soup?

    • That is what it is. The chicken is only partially cooked, so there is still plenty of flavor to extract. You are golden once you get that and the ratio goes down. Good luck Liz! Happy Passover to you and your family!

  17. It was a Seder at my house. I used your soup technique this year, and everyone loved it. The recipe was given by the comments on the brisket position. I used parsnip for the first time, but no parsley root. My mom probably never did because she disliked root veggies during WWII. I have to add my usual puréed vegetables to purchased stock, so I decided not to include them. The soup was clear and golden. I usually boost the soup with stock or concentrate but keep the water level low, cook it longer, and reduce it at the end. It was perfect. Everyone wants the recipe. I was too busy leading the Seder and getting food to take pictures.

    • If you can find the parsley root, I swear it changes everything. It adds a sweet and salty aspect to the mix.

  18. Milochka! soup was very good I made it for the holiday on Sunday. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Julia! I am so glad it worked for you, I am so happy! Thank you for your comments!

  19. What a great recipe, Mila. I was wondering how you keep the balls cold.

    • Sandy, thanks for that! I freeze it in the soup. I find they have a lot of flavor that way.

  20. Hi, Mila! Do you mean to bring the soup to a boil or do you mean to start it on low? How much salt did you use?

    • Randi, greetings! I always start it out with a slow boil and then immediately turn it into a liquid. You don't want all that scum to break up so you don't want a rolling boil. I start with a small amount of Kosher salt. I taste it as I go.

  21. I will be using parsley roots for the first time. Do you use the whole vegetable or just the leafy tops? Do you leave them whole or cut them up?

    • I only use the roots. I will add the leafy parts if they are small. Make sure to wash them. I leave the roots whole when I buy thinner ones. I cut them in half if I get the big ones. Let me know how you like it.

      • Thank you for the reply. It is cooking now. Getting recipes tested for Passover.

          • Do you just break up the chicken and put it in the bowls? Do you leave it in the soup or cut it up?

          • I leave it in the soup and we take it as we please. I have always eaten the meat after we ate the soup, I guess that is how we always ate it when I was a kid. You can eat it in the soup as well. Whatever your heart desires.

  22. That made me feel good. I am full of flu and craving chicken soup, and found your site. I was reminded of my mother when I was a Dad, she would look after me when I was sick. It is not related to food or anything related to food. Thank you.

    • I am so sorry for your mom and the flu, I hope you are better!

  23. Please tell me about the chicken soup. I was surprised to read that you put beef bones in the soup. I thought I had seen it in another recipe, because I could not find it in the Matzo Ball Soup information. Someone beat Bobby Flay with Matzo Ball Soup by simmering beef bones to flavor the soup. Would you like to comment on this? Thank you.

    • I don't use flanken. I know that my grandma used to make a dish called "yuh" which is made with beef. Chicken soup was made from scratch.

  24. I am making your soup. I left parsley root out because I couldn't find it. Is there a suitable substitute in the future? Thanks!

      • Thank you for this recipe! Everyone loved it. The balls were perfect. Everything was perfect.

          • This one was served around 8. I make 2 pots of soup because it is easy to freeze.

      • I threw a few parsley in with the rest of the veggies, and it was delicious.

        I am on my second batches. This is my favorite soup recipe.

        • What a great way to start the day! I do that all the time as well.

    • No. The carrot is big and delicious. The carrot will give you a great flavor, you don't have to eat it.

  25. My mother didn't use fill when she made chicken soup. She used parsley root because it is hard to find now. The recipe for kneidlech is the same. I make it.

    • I started writing about things I read many years ago because of comments like yours. Thank you for the kind words.

        • Linda mentioned Kazel. I was able to find her comment on your Chicken Soup blog when I was searching for Kazel. I don't think you have a way to get Linda's permission to talk to Kazel.

  26. In Farsi, we have the same phrase about the hands, "dast-et dard nakoneh", which means "may your hands not hurt" It's interesting to see that another culture shares it.

    I'm going to make soup tonight to show my boss.

    • I love Persian food and I would like to know who the boss is.

      • Where has this recipe been for the past 50 years? My teen was eating it. I was skeptical but this was the best, clearest, cleanest soup I have ever made. Thank you!

          • What a great soup. I made this soup for my mother who can't eat chicken meat. She and the family loved it. Thank you. I wonder if we can use the same method for both fish and lamb.

          • You can with fish. You would need a longer cooking time to get all the flavor of lamb, but it would still be the same method. Thanks for the kind words!

  27. Sounds great! My mother used to cook the fat and shred it. The first batches should not be thrown out. She put it in the fridge. The fat is at the top. She took the fat. The flavor was great because there was little to no grease left. It was delicious!

    • My mom did the same thing. I hate the part of the game that involves skimming.

  28. I'm Hi. I am wondering if leaving the chicken in the soup for 2 hours will cause it to break apart and then you have to remove the bones from it? I usually only leave it in for 1 hour and then take it out and discard the chicken, or put it back in the pot to cook more. What are you thinking?

    • It does break up. I like that, but it also gets a lot more flavor out.

    • You freeze them on a sheet pan. You thaw them out and cook them the way you would cook them.

      • Game changer. I thought to freeze after being cooked. I did it once with success and once with failure, but I don't know what I did differently. Never thought to cook them raw. Put them in when the soup is simmering.

  29. I like to make my own chicken soup with matzoballs at yours. Colds, sniffles? Matzoball soup is a must make! The Jewish New Year is Rosh Hashanah and the Kippur Kippur. Is it Passover? Matzoball soup is a must make! The matzoball is delicious with the flavor of drunken. The parsley root is very delicious. Oh my gosh!

    • Thank you so much Deanne! That is the best part of my day, and this is the recipe that I most want to use.

  30. I am learning about matzo balls which my mother used to make but I have not heard of them, thanks to this recipe. Thank you for sharing.

    • That is interesting, thank you for your kind words.

  31. I made chicken soup. Ate it and loved it. I froze the rest of the soup. I want it for Passover, but there are no carrots. How would I cook the carrots if the soup is already made?

  32. I will definitely try to make this recipe. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Hi, Mila! I am going to try this recipe out. I had a question on the last few steps. Do you add fresh vegetables matzo balls to the strained stock? Do you serve the vegetables that were used to make the stock? Thank you so much!

  34. You know what a great recipe is? When you make the food and it tastes great, you want to hug the person that gave it to you, and I want to give you a big hug. We need more love right now, because this is a labor of love. You and your story are better than the one at the deli. Stay safe!

    • Thank you so much for this, it is the best comment of the day.

  35. How many does this recipe serve? I am cooking for 17 people.

    • This went to junk, I apologize for the delay. I would double it.

  36. I just made soup and matzo balls, so please clarify something for me. Friday Night is a holiday. Is it possible to cook the matzo balls in the soup and freeze them all for Friday?

    • You need to freeze the matzoballs. Seperately from the soup. You freeze the soup with everything in it. Good luck!

    • You would freeze the matzo balls separately.

  37. I have made it for many people, and they all love it. I have never had a better soup.

    • I love that! It is always a hit with the family.

  38. So you don't add chicken to the soup?

    • Yes, you do. The chicken cooks the soup.

  39. How do I make sure the balls are not too hot when I add the soup?

    • I am Hi! You can do it in a pot of soup. I recommend you freeze them before boiling them. They will preserve better.

  1. My mom would make me a bowl of her golden chicken soup when I got sick. I felt whole again with the floating fat goblets.

  2. I run out of my golden chicken soup on rare occasions. My throbbing head and heart are not the only things that are not the same. ...

  3. I like to eat golden chicken soup with fluffy matzo balls, and sweet apples with honey, on holidays.

  4. Girl and the Kitchen has a recipe for Matzoball Chicken Soup.

  5. There was my answer when I opened the fridge. A pot of chicken soup that I made a few nights ago. ... ]

  6. Carefully remove it with a spoon. I like to strain my soup so that it starts fresh. It does take a bit of time. ... ]

  7. The famed Chick.

  8. Chicken soup cures all sniffles. I needed soup. I usually crave my mom's classic Jewish chicken soup but this time I wanted something different, some with a kick to knock these sniffles out once and then. ...

  9. The person is Mila. Oh, yeah! Another tough one! My favorite recipe is the one I published the first time. My mom makes chicken soup. It was the only thing I ever ate as a child and it is the recipe that tugs at my heart strings the most. It is one of the most popular recipes I have ever made. The real Jewish penicillin is found in the soup with matzo balls. [ ...

  10. Reinvention was soup. My mom used to have her famous Jewish Chicken Soup in our house almost every week because of the little eater. She would make more and have more in a few days. ... ]

  11. Chicken soup made with penicillin. I found a recipe for a soup made from Jewish Matzo Ball. It makes me want to go down with a cold. ... ]

  12. Chicken soup made with penicillin. I found a recipe for a soup made from Jewish Matzo Ball. It makes me want to go down with a cold. ... ]

  13. Chicken is used in a traditional chicken soup. The dark, the white and the white. ...

  14. I had already made a lot of my mom's famous Jewish Chicken Soup and I would be fine for lunch. Dinner did not look promising. My pantry was empty and sad.

  15. The Real Jewish Penicillin is the best cure for a general problem. I agree with him that this is the best chicken. ... ]

  16. To see the steps to make it, please visit the link. ... ]

  17. For more information and how to make it, please visit this link. ... ]

  18. You can find more information and how to make it at the link. ... ]

  19. Chicken fat loosens up your sinus. It is called the Jewish Penicillin because it is. It clears up your nose. ...

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  1. I'm not sure if you have a website about rebuilt appliances, but did you start a month ago? I thought I saved the blog but it was not. Would appreciate finding out what the site was. Thank you!

How to Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon

I received an email asking how to find a wish list.
An Amazon wish list is a great way to find something for someone on a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.

How to find someone's Amazon wish list

I went into my Amazon account and played with it for a bit.

The previous article was about. Mentioned The method of research is using gift lists.

It is simple. The wish list is public. You will not be able to find it if they have set it to private.

Be sure to have your. You should have something on hand when you start looking into Amazon for wish lists.

I will show you how to create, modify, and share. In this article.

What is it? The wish list from Amazon.?

There is a wish list for Amazon.
Users can use the tool to create a list of items they want or hope to get for themselves in the future.

Anyone with a link can have access to the public wish lists.
Who would be able to access your wish list?

Someone looking for ideas of what to get you for an occasion or the kind of things you like so they can make a gift for you.

How to find someone. The wish list from Amazon.

You used to be able to search for Amazon wish lists with email and names, but it seems that no longer works.

It is not as secret as it used to be, but there is a new way to access your friend's wish list.

Go to the first step. The home page of Amazon.

Take a quick look over. There are accounts. Click on the wish list option in the top right corner. .

Step 2 is your friends.

You will see three bars at the top of Your lists. Click on it. Your friends..

Ask your friends.

A message on the page asks your friend to share their list. Click on it. Email this message to yourself. To send it out, you have to press the button.

You can send a message to your email address from a copy and modify it.

You will not be able to access it. They have to share it with you.

They won't know what you bought until the gift arrives.

You need to be a member of Amazon before you can access lists.

If you are the last person on earth who doesn't have an Amazon account, you can create one. .

Step 3 is to note down the list.

If you want to check out the list again later on, you will have to go to your list page, but it will be accessible from there.

Step 4 is to get organized.

Go ahead and plan for the gift the person will give you. You can sort. The sort by and filter pull-down menus allow you to sort items by title, date, price, priority, or purchased status.

You can add items to your cart later or buy with 1 click.
When you save items to your cart, Amazon will notify you when there is a deal going on or a price drop.

You can request gift wrap through Amazon.

There are more updates if you are located in the US..

How to create your own. The wish list from Amazon.

This is one of my favorites. I will walk you through the process if you are not familiar with it or have never done it before.

The first step is to create a list.

The Accounts are to be checked over. .

Click on it. A list can be created. At the top right corner. Click on it. There is a wish list.You will be asked to give a name to your wish list.

You will need to enter your name or nickname in order to set it to private or public. Click that. List creation.
I named my list.

Add products to your collection. The wish list from Amazon.

You can add things to your list on Amazon. I want to add an Instant Pot to my wish list.

I went to the sales page after conducting a search on Amazon.

Look for it when you scroll down. Add to the list. There is a button on the right. Click on it and add it to your list.

You will be prompted to view your list or continue shopping if you add it to your list.

Clicking on view your list will take you to your page. The Instant Pot is on my wish list. You can add as many products as you want.

Step 3 is Privacy settings.

At the top of your list, select. More.Select more. List can be managed. You can set your list to be private or public.

Only you can see the list if it is private. Click to do so. Please submit. To confirm your privacy settings is all you need.

You can change your name, set up a spoiler alert and more.

If you opt for a spoiler alert, you won't know someone has purchased something until it arrives.

This prevents you from buying the same gift for yourself. If you no longer need the list, you can remove it.

How do I share my wish list with my friends?

Click to share your list. Send lists to people you know. There is a button. You can invite others to view and invite if it is a collaborative wish list.

You can choose view only and copy the link if you want.

You can share this link via email, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

You can make wish lists for any occasion. There is no limit. You can add comments and even prioritize.

Do you know what the best thing about Amazon Wish Lists is? You can add items from other retailers.

You can add items from other places. .

How do I add items from other retailers to my wish list?

The extension for Amazon Assistant is all you need to install. You can find out how to uninstall the extension. .

The extension works across the board. Click the extension to add it to your page whenever you come across something you want. .

What if someone already bought me something? My wish list on Amazon.?

If you want to avoid a situation where you buy yourself something someone has already purchased for you, Amazon has a Surprise Spoiler setting.

If you buy something for someone else, you will be warned to not buy it for yourself.

Under the Manage List, you can find the surprise spoiler settings. Check or not. Don't make me think I'm crazy..

Does. The wish list from Amazon. Remove items that were purchased?

If someone has already purchased an item, it will be hidden on Amazon. You can choose if you would like the item to remain on your list. List can be managed.

Amazon will show that the item has been purchased. If you checked, this option won't work. Don't make me angry..

Privacy is a priority for the Amazon Wish List. Does Amazon show your address?

Privacy is not a problem when it comes to your delivery address.

If someone orders something from your wish list and wants it to be sent to you directly, you will only see your name and city.
They will not see your address.

I have ordered from my friend's lists before and when the shipping option came up, I only saw her first name and her city so I can confirm that it is correct.

How to find a wish list on the app.

The process is the same. Click the settings icon in the top left corner to make your lists on the Amazon App. Click on the button to find a list or registry.

You can choose to have your list and friend's list. You can choose to email your friend requesting them to share their Wish List.

I hope I can answer your questions. .

If you have any more, ask them in the comments. Start with a wish list on Amazon. .

È sicuro acquistare da Wish nel 2021? Guida e consigli

Avrete sentito parlare di Wish, magari ve ne a parlato qualche amico. Con Wishete ma non avete, su questo shop cinese e magari non sapete se affidabile. acquistare su wish.

Chi e cos' wish?

I wish.In circolazione dal 2011 ma negli ultimi anni sta puntando sempre pi, forte su . L'azienda ha sede a San Francisco, California,. La societ solida, viaggia a ottimi ritmi da anni e se ve lo state chiedendo, tutto vero.

Affidabile wish nel 2019. Is it possible to wish?

Acquistare in modo sicuro. molto semplice ma per poter accedere alle offerte, c' bisogno di registrarsi, oppure navigare dall'applicazione per smartphone. Su wish se ne dicono di colori. trovato Bene. Chi, trovato male ma, una cosa, sempre d'accordo. Ai prodotti, il catalogo, ha vista la mole del catalogo.

I metodi di pagamento, su wish? The person is Tranquilli. acquistare su wish No mai stato cos semplice. I wish to use the pagamento via. The money is deposited into a Paypal account.The massimo della tutela del cliente is. Per muovere soldi sul web, il web Paypal. I wish to be able to say "wish offre" in modo sicuro.

Come non pagare la dogana con wish?

Aver impostato il metodo di pagamento per, una selezionata. acquistare in modo sicuro,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In Italia, the costo di 23 euro was proveniente dalla Cina ma. I wish un catalogo enorme di prodotti.

Se fate un tipo di ordine particolarmente, magari con pi oggetti, con un solo aggetto dal valore importante. Non da particolari, nella sezione FAQ del sito, viene solamente menzionata la spedizione con partenza entro 1-2 giorni dall'ordine.

I cons generale per. Non pagare la dogana. quello di tenersi bassi con le cifre spese e scegliere un metodo di spedizione economico e pi lento rispetto ai corrieri. I wish non rimborser.

Garanzia wish.

I wish non da particolari informazioni circa la garanzia su ogni acquistato. In ogni caso, possibile contattare l'assistenza clienti per maggiori informazioni sul singolo ordine.

I wish.
30 giorni per rendere il prodotto. I rimborso dell'Intera cifra spesa istrure. I cliente dovr farsi carico dei costi di spedizione. Non verranno rimborsati costi extra rispetto. . 10 giorni lavorativi il rimborso arriver.

Sicuro acquistare da wish?

Acquistare su wish. sicuroNon tipo di rischio importante se non spendono grandi cifre. Non lo shop dove vale la pena di spendere pi di una cinquantina di euro. I motivo la spedizione spesso lenta, di solito ci pu volere anche un mesetto pieno.

The secondo motivo was a spesso di natura contorta. Non c' una sezione del sito dove. I deve tener conto di quale oggetto di acquista.

I risparmio effettivo, il somme, ha un percorso. Se volete sentirvi pi, a costo di spendere qualcosina in pi allora acquistate.

Rimani aggiornato. lampo ed errori di prezzo, seguici su Telegram!

The man is named Bernardo Fasano.

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  5. It's time! I don't know if it is a Wish policy or if I agree with the seller but, I think it is a scam to accumulate money with each order and then make a refund without ever delivering the product. I ordered 4 cats' kennels and have not received one. Other events that have already happened, I had not given weight to. I am concerned that you will not be transparent with your practice and anti- professional behavior, since I was not able to leave feedback or reviews on each article.

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I wish you were here

Surf City has the longest stretch of beach on the West Coast. The main attraction in the city is the beach, and there are a lot of attractions in the city.

There are several beaches that have their own personality. Some of them are managed by the city.

There are beaches.

Huntington City Beach.

The most popular beach in the state is the Pier. It is busy for a good reason. A clean sandy beach with fire pits and barbeques. Surfing is good most days of the year and plenty of surfers make the best of it.

If you love beach volleyball, you can either play a few games or watch teams beat the ball around the net.

On some days it gets too crowded because of the surfing and volleyball tournaments. You should check out the calendar before you arrive..

The area is so popular because of the 2 concision stands on the pier. You can rent beach equipment or find a snack at one of the places.

The place that I like the most is the one that has a large selection of bikes, surfboards and bodyboards. They have a good selection of food.

You can walk a few steps to several good restaurants if you don't feel like eating fast food. Two of them are on the beach. Main Street has others on it.

It can be difficult to find parking. Especially on the weekend. . If you get here early, you'll be able to find a parking spot on the beach. You can either go to one of the parking structures around Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway or the Pacific City Mall.

Dog beach in Huntington.

A place for dogs and their owners. It is located under a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Even if you don't own a dog, you can still come here to watch the dogs train their owners how to catch a frisbee or ball.

Bolsa Chica State Beach is a beach.

One of the best beaches for beginners. The shallow waters make it ideal for families with smaller children.

The beach is located between Warner Avenue and Seapoint Street and is to the north of the pier.

Bolca Chica Wildlife Preserve is located across the street. A wetlands area with a large variety of animals and plants. Here is where you can read more.

Huntington State Beach is located in Huntington, Rhode Island.

Huntington Beach - State Beach - Wikimedia
This beach is great for bodyboarding. Swimmers have more room to have fun with the limited surfing areas.

There are a lot of fire rings, barbeques, restrooms and showers at this beach. It has ramps and designated disabled parking areas.

This is located between Beach Boulevard and the south of the Pier.

The bikers are biking.

Huntington Beach - Biking - By Ken Lund - Flickr
Huntington Beach has a great beach bike trail. It is safe and very long. The trail begins at the south end of the state beach and goes through the city of HB before ending at Bolsa Chica state beach. It runs for 8 miles on paved and level ground.

You can continue through Sunset Beach to the north or south.

You don't have to own a bike. You can rent one at the store.

The Los Angeles All-Inclusive Pass is valid for a year.

The longest pier on the west coast is 1850 feet and is located in the Pacific Ocean. It has a great view of the beach and the town.

Cars and bikes are not allowed on the pier, so you can enjoy a stroll on the pier. There are a few shops that sell souvenirs and kites along the way.

The shop is located close to the tip of the pier and offers fishing supplies and rentals. You can grab everything you need.

You can find Ruby's restaurant at the end of the pier. The views are amazing, but the food is acceptable.

This is not the end of the Pier. You can get to the very tip of the pier and see the ocean.

The mall is called Pacific City Mall.

This is the newest addition to the busy downtown Huntington Beach area. An open plan mall with many shops and restaurants.

H is one of the anchor stores at the mall.

You can find great Mexican restaurants like the one called Ola Mexican Kitchen which serves delicious Mexican food with amazing views of the ocean.

The Old Crow Smokehouse serves a variety of barbequed meats and fish.

There are books related to this.


OC Dining - Ola Mexican Kitchen - view
The second floor of Pacific City Mall in Huntington Beach has a commanding view of the Pacific Coast Highway, the HB Pier, and the Ocean.

The food and service are excellent. They like their Lobster and Shrimp Enchiladas.

The complimentary chips and salsa are enough for a start, but you can also choose a more filling appetizer from the extensive menu.

The complete meal, we always order the traditional Mexican buttercake called the "Tres Leches."

OC Dining - Bluegold - Huntington Beach
Bluegold is a restaurant with a great view. This one has a new American Cusine with seasonal ingredients. Menu items can be different depending on availability.

We recently had breakfast at their place and were able to see the beach and the pier from the windows.

We ordered scrambled eggs. They were both delicious. You can order your favorite style of potatoes if you prefer.

This place is not for early risers. They serve breakfast at 9 am.

Huntington Beach - Bluegold
We went for dinner and drinks. We ordered The Perfect Storm from the bar while waiting for our table to be ready. We enjoyed a few sips of this delicious cocktail before we were taken to our table.

We had a Lamb Shank with asparagus risotto and an El Chapo margarita.

We wanted to try Pumpkin Spice and Mocha Crunch cakes. The Pumpkin Spice was amazing.

We went for dinner and drinks. We ordered The Perfect Storm from the bar while waiting for our table to be ready. We enjoyed a few sips of this delicious cocktail before we were taken to our table.

We had a Lamb Shank with asparagus risotto and an El Chapo margarita.

We wanted to try Pumpkin Spice and Mocha Crunch cakes. The Pumpkin Spice was amazing.

The Pacific Hideaway is located in the Pacific.

The restaurant is located inside the Kimpton Shorebreak resort. The balcony has a great view.

We sat on the balcony and enjoyed our breakfast while looking at the pier and the surf.

We tried the Socal Breakfast Burrito and the Blackened Mahi Mahi taco. Both were very filling. The burrito was stuffed with a lot of things.

The finalie was a baked cockie with bread and ice cream.

Pete's Sunset Grille is located at the intersection of Routes 66 and 395.

Pete's Sunset Grille - Huntington Beach
We found this place inside the resort. It is a few steps from the bridge to the beach and has a poor view of the ocean.

It is a good place to eat before you go to the beach. We enjoyed our time on the patio.

The Cali Rueben and Fish Tacos were tried by us. They were both good but not great. The service, drinks and dessert were excellent. We loved their Triple Layer Torte.

There are events.

Huntington Beach has many popular events. To up-to-date info, check their calendar..

The Great Pacific Air Show is happening.

Huntington Beach - Great Pacific Air Show
More than two million people are at the air show, which features three jet teams from three countries. Every year a group of teams assemble to provide an amazing spectacle for millions of viewers.

The event can last up to 4 hours on a day, but is mostly free to attend. You can enjoy the show on the beach. You can pay from $30 to $1600 for a reserved viewing area. Get more information

Art-A- The faire is a place.

Every Friday from 10 am to 7 pm. There are arts, crafts and handmade gifts. Sometimes extended into the weekend.

Surf City Nights.

Every Tuesday from 5 to 9 pm. A Farmer's market, bounce house, street performers, restaurant samplings, sidewalk sales, and specials from local restaurants are some of the things that can be found at the event.

Surf City Blues.

The Bolsa Chica Wetlands and Mesa Tour are a couple of things to do.

The 4th of July parade is held.

A fireworks show is held at 9 PM after the parade.

25 things on the “IKEA bring back” wish list. What’s on yours?

18 Nov There are 25 things on the wish list. What are you carrying on yours?

Some of their old favorites were brought back for their 75th anniversary. The GRATULERA series.. We wish the yellow and blue mothership would return, but not the other discontinued IKEA products. I received a lot of responses when I asked the readers a question. I am sure you have at least one item you hope IKEA will re-release. Add to the big, big "continued ikea items wishlist" in the comments section.

The Kivik single seat is the one that I am most fond of.

The desk cable management hack is a jerker. Click the photo to see the hack.

I would love to see the Jerker desk come back. I have two. I use both of them as my electronics workbench. They are large enough to support my three monitor computer setup, but they are easy to hack because of the holes in the uprights. I think I am not alone in wanting to bring back this discontinued product. I don't know of any other desk with a petition on it. Own fan site..

I don't think I am alone in this wish, there was a Facebook petition a few months ago and I don't know of any other desk with its. Own fan site..

I would love to see the desk back. It is well made and modular. It can be made to be a stand-up or sit-down desk. They make a great workbench. Wayne Yoshida.

There was a limited edition. There is a wallpaper, I can't remember the name but it's a multicolored zig-zag effect. . Elaine has not seen anything like it since.

I think you mean the limited edition wallpaper from Ikea. I was able to get 3 rolls. &##128578; Jules.

The ngs garden series, which was the only one at 1 by 2 meters, was dropped this summer. Really a pity.

The Benjamin stool was used to watch movies in bed. Click the photo to see the hack.

The non. There is existence of BenJAMIN is a man. The IKEA stores are hurting a lot. I wanted to complete my stools with another couple years ago. The BENJAMIN cost 17 Euros back in the day, which is almost ridiculously little money for that kind, so I think that phasing them out is a good idea. / Germany

The Benjamin cost 17 Euros back in the day, which is a lot of money for a quality build. uwe

The best system for the white doors is the shaker style. &##128577; Sarah.

I wish that was the case. The fintorp is numbered 10238148. would come back. I wish the Undredal series had a tall chest of drawers. The Undredal is very strong. I love it. Fran.

I have missed one thing for so long that I don't know its name. &##128577; We have it right now. The room divider is risR. It is very nice and classy, but also expensive at over 100. There used to be a simpler way to build a frame: three metal frames with a piece of cloth stretched over each of the bars. It would be easy to pick your own fabric and use it for the room divider and other details, if you paid something like 30 or 40.

Simple, easy, and Adaptable have vanished and there is nothing similar to replace them. RISR has neither cheerful simplicity nor its ability to adapt.

I could not find anything for a while. The room divider is in the room. I couldn't afford them even if I wanted them for design because they were more expensive.

I want it back! I could use 2 or 3 of them, even if I didn't need them anymore. Marjolein is a person.

I would like the RONDO dinner to be set back. Some of my teeth are getting damaged. It was a wonderful design. J Palmer is from Canada.

If there is a chance that we could request a discontinued item from ikea, I would choose. The Ikea 3-Seater Karlstad is.. I agree with you that this sofa should come back.

I have been using Karlstad 3-Seater for 5 years now at our house in East Malaysia. I think it would be good if Karlstad was still in production, because we bought a house in West Malaysia. Zull.

I think it would be good if Karlstad was still in production, because we bought a house in West Malaysia. Zull.

I would like to see this picture frame come back. I have something. There is a photo gallery. I add frames in black and white every year. . I found out last year that they are no longer available.☹ I like their look.

Red-brown should be a colour option across the board. Hemnes range.. I have a Hemnes console table in red-brown which is very nice and sits nicely with my other furniture. I would like to hack for hi-fi storage but it is discontinued in red-brown. Kim.

Like to see. The kitchen collection isdden. Lucas Kallinosis is from Australia.

I would like to see that. The cabinets are varde. Just love them! The person is called, "Gretchen."

I no longer have a name, but I still like a seat in the seventies. It was a metal frame and textile seat with orange, yellow and dark blue colors. Michael khler.

I would like to see the glass door come back so that I can start a project on a low cabinet. Dilip.

The side table was turned into a laundry hamper. Click the photo to see the hack.

We love it. The series is called Antonius. The original wooden step stool is still in use, but the new one is shorter and thinner. Avriel.

The Ektorp sofas have more patterned slipcovers. There used to be a lot more.

There is a lack of shelving unit as dining benches. Click the photo to see the hack.

Ikaa needs to return. The bookshelf is kitsch.. It was a great media unit that could be used in many ways. The panels for wall mounting that were made of glass need to be returned. It made wall mounting large format TVs much easier. Kyle Mangano.

It is necessary that IKEA is brought back. The bookshelf is kitsch.It was a great media unit that could be used on the wall. Kyle.

The room divider and shelving were hacked into by the IKEA Mandal headboard. Click the photo to see the hack.

Yes, I said so. The Mandal bed.I have been upset about that one. The bed was out of stock when I bought it. I was so upset that it never came back that I kept waiting. Amy.

Lerberg wall shelves. Click the photo to see the hack.

I would love to see that. Lerberg is a person. It's a perfect media storage rack for CDs, DVDs, and paperbacks. I should have bought more when they were still available. They were originally costing $CDN 5. Being sold on eBay for 25 dollars. Or more apiece, suck! Rebecca.

#23. The PS 2017 room divider is a product I am dying for them to re-release. It was announced, came out, and then was discontinued. The stores don't know anything about it. I wanted to buy a few of these for our home studio, where we record music and my voice acting jobs. It looked like a great sound absorber. Amy is a person.

I think that the rocking chair and Lindmon should come back. Christine.

I would love to see the Markor and Leksvik lines again. They are both very different styles. I would like to see the Antique stain return in just about anything. The matching stain would work if I could not get the matching pieces. The dark brown of the Markor was nicer than the black/brown colour they have shown for a few years. Elizabeth.

I am quite sure this isn't an extensive list. What about you? Do you have any discontinued IKEA products you would love to buy again? Let us know in the comments if someone at Ikea sees our wishlist and flicks the magic wand.

The post is about something. What are you on the wish list for? It appeared first. IKEA hackers..

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Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah Gift Guide


The rite of passage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The recipient is 13 years old, when interests and tastes can change and when anything an adult says or does can seem strange. Completely out of touch. . We are often invited to this event because we are friends of the child's parents and we know his or her tastes, not because we are close to the bar/bat mitzvah child.

We are here to help you find something that you feel good about and that the recipient will like. We encourage you to check out your local Judaica shops and bookstores, but everything on our list can be ordered online. If you prefer, click on the categories below to get to the gift ideas. We list prices as general guides and not guarantees, so think of them as general guides. It is perfectly appropriate to give gifts that have nothing to do with Judaism or Israel, as long as they are related to the child's hobbies or interests.

Gifts are grouped by category.

There is a Money and bonds are instruments of payment.

There is aJudaica is a town in the state of Judaica.

There is aThere are jewelry items.

There is aTorah art

There is aThere are Charitable Gifts.

There is aThere are books.

Did we overlook a great gift idea? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

Should you give money?

Cash is convenient for everyone involved and can be used for something the child wants or for savings. The Hebrew letters for the word life are marked on the checks in $18 increments. It is numerically equivalent. To 18. . No one will be offended if you give them a more rounded number, like $50 or $100.

Israel bonds are also being looked at. . There are Bonds of Mazel Tov and eMitzvah.The bar/bat mitzvah can be redeemed in five years. We have heard of giving Israeli currency to encourage someone to visit Israel.

Judaica is a town in the state of Judaica.

Many others will also give. There are ritual objects.We recommend sticking to small items and not wanting more than one. Think Hanukkah menorah, Shabbat candlesticks or tzedakah box instead. shofar. Or The seder plate is made of wood..

There are candlesticks on Shabbats.

Some Shabbat candlesticks are popular.These are nickel ones. These are engraved with the Hebrew blessing. The wooden ones are painted. There is a design of a pomegranate. There are engraved and silver- plated ones. When not in use, the folds up into a ball. . These are the things. The candles are powered by the light from the bulb.They are dorm-room friendly and better than other electric ones on the market, and they can be set to a timer.

Another option is possible.Glass candlesticks.$48 from. Fair Trade Judaica., Economic partnerships are promoted based on equality, justice and sustainable environmental practices.

Menorahs for Hanukkah.

We recommend travel-size.Menorahs for Hanukkah.The electric ones are used in dorm rooms when the bar/bat mitzvah child goes to college. . Most dorm fire codes forbid students from lighting candles in their rooms, so there are less aesthetic options. The nice thing about menorahs is that even before the bar/bat mitzvah child leaves home, she or he can enjoy having his or her own to light on Hanukkah, when the more light the merrier.

Both this.The menorah is silver tone.The price is $31). One is plated in pewter.The low-Vage and lack of tackiness of many electric Hanukkah lamps make them perfect for dorm-room Hanukkah celebrations. A practical alternative is non-electric. This is a two-in-one. The set of hand-painted Shabbat candlesticks converts into a menorah. The price is $40.00.


A mezuzah. A small box is placed on the right doorpost of a Jewish home and often also on the entryway to each room, so a bar/bat mitzvah child can put one on his or her bedroom doorpost. The box has a scroll with Torah verse on it. prayerThe bible says, "O Lord, I am going to go.":13-21 .

We like this. One made of steel. The right picture has a Swarovski stone pomegranates.The mezuzah case was handmade.You can find many options at a wide range of prices. on Amazon. And in your local store.

Tzedakah. There are boxes.

It is traditional to put money into a fund. tzedakah Some people like to collect boxes before lighting the Shabbat candles. This is like the glass candlesticks above. The wooden tzedakah box is engraved. Fair Trade Judaica offers a price of $46.

We like this too. The painted is bright. There is a Jewish star in the shape of one.

There are jewelry items.

The Jewish star, or Star of David, is a classic option in necklace pendants. There is silver.The price is $2 The gold is shiny.There are other materials. In recent years, another symbol. hamsaIt has become popular in Israel and around the world. The hamsa is a good-luck charm because it has an eye embedded in a hand. Here you can find hamsa pendants. The word Chai is a popular Jewish symbol for jewelry. You can find pendants here..

Also, in addition You can search for jewelry from Israel. Israeli artisans were found on the website, including ones that display at Tel Aviv's popular twice-weekly market.Nahalat Binyamin. The market. There are also stores on the internet. This one is not good., You can purchase other Israeli items there. . Another great source for Israeli jewelry is the internet. The Sabra Patch is a patch.The motto of the startup is "Handmade in the Holy Land". ”

Torah art

A gift that is meaningful is artwork based on the bar or bat mitzvah.The portion of Torah.. Since you and the bar/bat mitzvah child might have different feelings about what will look good on his or her bedroom wall, make sure it is returnable. Make sure you are certain about it. The portion of Torah. The bar/bat mitzvah will be chanting, but it may not correspond with the date of the ceremony. The studio is called the Michal Meron Studios. Depending on the size and whether you buy it framed or unframed, the Torah portions range from $150 to $350. Christina Mattison is a person. Drash designs.The price range is from 15 to 20 dollars.

There are Charitable Gifts.

Judaism is a religion that has core tenets. tzedakah (charity). Making a donation in honor of the bar or bat mitzvah is a meaningful way to incorporate the Jewish value of helping those in need. You can give a gift even more personal by donating to a cause that the bar or bat mitzvah feels passionate about. Give a gift card that can be used to fund a project of their choice.

With. The card is called a Kiva card. The bar or bat mitzvah can help people in developing countries by giving them micro-loans. Similarly. The donors choose.The gift cards enable recipients to support small teacher-run projects. A Jewish counterpart. Tzedakah Network is a network.The match is made between donors and causes and projects that kids launch as part of their bar/bat mitzvah preparation. Other options are available.Charity choice., is a website that allows people to give.And. Israel got.You can make donations with gift cards. You can explore the sites to see which groups and projects the bar/bat mitzvah child would like to support.

There are books.

Jewish humor.

William Novak and Moshe Waldoks wrote a novel. The big book of humor is about Jews.A bar/bat mitzvah gift is $17. Michael Krasny is a newer option.Let There Be Laughter is a collection of great Jewish humor.The blurbs from Ken Burns and Andy Borowitz were included in the book.

The study of Jewish text.

Jeffrey Salkin is a person.Text Messages about Torah.It is a good option to address issues of tattoos, social justice and sexuality.

There is a Jewish fiction.

To introduce the bar/bat mitzvah child to the writers. The new diaspora is changing the landscape of American Jewish fiction.The $36 offers a sampling from contemporary writers like Rebecca Goldstein, David Bezmogis and Jonathan Foer. Ilan Stavans has just published a book about Latin American Jewish culture. An anthology of Jewish stories from Latin America.Or give them the classics. A collection of Jewish American literature. The price is $4.

There are Jewish young-adult novels.

There are many good young-adult novels with Jewish themes. We recommend some for girls.

Jewish history and culture.

Both. Great Jewish women.$30 and. Great Jews are in sports.The entries are bite-sized and will inspire and entertain. We don't think the sports one is a bad one, but we will not make any assumptions about it.

Many young American Jews wrongly assume that all Jews have the same lifestyles. Set your new adult straight.Scattered among the nations.A coffee table book shows the international diversity of Jewish life. . Another beautiful book bar is available for kids to leaf through. It is going to Israel.The bar/bat mitzvah child may be inspired by the photos that are in the price. .

Jewish food.

Does this child like cooking or eating? The Gefilte Manifesto is about new recipes for old world Jewish food.The price is $23.50 and. Modern Jewish cooking is very popular.The two books published by young writers offer contemporary versions of classic Jewish dishes.

Check out more Jewish book ideas. The book awards list for Australia.As well as. The awards lists. And. Other recommendations.On. The Jewish Book Council is made up of people who are interested in books.Is that. Website. .

Did we overlook a great gift idea? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

The Hebrew word for "rite of passage" is "bahs MITZ-vuh" and "bahs meetz-VAH" and is used for girls at age 12 or 13.

The Hebrew word for "HAhm-suh" is Arabic and means "Jewish amulet and symbol with an eye embedded in the palm of an open hand."

The festival commemorates the eight-day event. The Maccabees won the battle against the Greeks and rededication of the temple. . The Hebrew month of Kislev corresponds with December.

The Hebrew stream within ultra-Orthodox Judaism was created out of an 18th-century mystical revival movement.

The name is Hebrew and means "Adhere to kashrut, the traditional Jewish diet laws."

The Hebrew word for a small box is muh-ZOO-zuh, and it is also the origin of the word. The scroll has a Torah verse on it and the Shema prayer.

Hebrew, the Sabbath, is from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

The Hebrew root for justice, charitable giving is tzuh-Dah-kuh.

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