Christmas Wish List Ideas: My Family’s Favorite Gifts 2021!

Are you looking for Christmas wish list ideas? My family has gathered all of our favorite things to share with you some great gift ideas.

I am excited to share. The Favorite Things Christmas Gift Guide has been published. I usually share it after a few requests from people who are trying to get their holiday shopping done early due to product shortages and shipping delays.

I have compiled all of my family’s favorite things to give you some great ideas for gifts to buy for family.The full disclosure statement is available. Here.)

I have a lot of great ideas to add to her Christmas wish list.

There are ideas for Christmas wish lists.

Turtle planterThe person said that The wireless charging station.The person said that The Barefoot Dreams cardigan is a good example.The person said that Dyson Omni-Glide is aGlider.The person said that There is a lip set for SUGAR.The person said that There are pajamas called “moonlight.”The person said that A gold cuff bracelet.The person said that T3 is a hair dryer.The person said that The electronic candle lighter is flameless.The nail polishes are from the brand, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie An Angora Cardi., Ballet shoes., Chinchilly.The person said that The cable is for charging theusb device.

I like to have brass animals and beautiful planters. This turtle planter. The two were love at first sight. It could be a plant or a gift.I bought mine several months ago and it sold out within days every time it came back into stock. I also love. This bust planter.It would make a great gift.

I shared this wireless charging device with many of you who bought it and I had to put it on my gift ideas list again after hearing how much you loved it. I keep. This floral wireless charging station. I lay my phone on top of my nightstand when I go to bed for charging, because it comes in three pattern options.

I love that I never hunt for charging cords and that it shows a green or red light when you place your phone on it so you know that it is positioned correctly for charging. It would be great to have a desk area. I have a matching case for my AirPods that keeps me from being confused with Jeff. There are headphones..

I love Barefoot Dreams and will ever own it. They are a bit of a splurge and may not be something you would buy on your own, but they are an amazing gift because everyone loves them and it is easy to get the right size. It is my husband’s favorite gift to give me because he knows I will never return it.

I have had everything from their cardigans, throws, robes, and travel shawls to the one I got 20 years ago, and I would recommend getting a cardigan if this is someone’s first Barefoot Dreams item. This cardigan is cozychic. That comes in four different colors.

Or This hooded cardigan is cozychic.Other great gifts include their. robes here And their. comfy throws.

I was spoiled by the vacuum built into our island that I could use to clean up after things. I bought our current home after moving. This Dyson. Glide It is a smaller, more maneuverable version of a Dyson vacuum that is made specifically for hard floors and has two fluffy rollerheads.

It is easy to whip around our kitchen and laundry room in no time, so it is perfect for quick clean ups. It works well on my carpets, even though it is made for hard floors.

5. I started using SUGAR lip balms a year ago and am hooked! I use the SUGAR advanced lip therapy treatment at night and the Rosé and Petal lip balms during the day, they add just a hint of color to my lips. This lip gift set is from SUGAR. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer because it has travel sizes of all three. Also check out the other things. This is a set of larger lip minis. You could gift the 6 lip balms together or separately, putting 1-2 lip minis in each stocking.

A great pair of pajamas for Christmas is something that everyone loves. These PJs are called these Moonlight PJs. Each year they come in a new color and pattern and I love the ivory egret print. I am a huge fan of J Crew’s Dreamy Pajamas which they recently replaced with. These pajamas are eco friendly. There are a lot of solid colors. Dreamy PJs would be a great gift for any of them.

7. I love the design of the gold bracelets of the brand, and I also like the tone of the bracelets. It is a softer gold with silver undertones that makes it work with most other finishes of jewelry. My favorite is now. This Fallyn cuff bracelet is from the collection.:

It can be dressed up or down, and can be adjusted based on your wrist size. I have bracelets that I love. This is a bracelet by Kendra Scott Ott. Several of These bracelets are from Victoria Emerson..

There are 8. I finally pulled the plug on the T3 hair dryer when they had a great sale early in the year. It has lived up to the hype. The T3 hair dyers are designed to dry your hair in less time than other hair dryers. This is a hair dryer. It would make a great gift if you could get it for free shipping. T3 Cura is available here. Get 20% off with code FRIENDS20 when you get a great review.

If you are buying a gift for a candle lover, you should do so. This flameless electronic candle lighter is not flameless. It would make a great stocking stuffer. This is the balsam.) A wonderful hostess gift. There are other options for the candle lighter, including champagne gold.

Three of my favorite shades of nailpolish are great stocking stuffers. Ballet slipper found here, Chinchilly was found here.And A deep rose that is perfect for the holidays was found here..

I received it. This is a charging cable. Use it as a gift last year and also as a coloring book. . It has a long cord so it can be used with outlets as far away as ten feet. It charges my phone quickly, unlike other long cords.

It is also useful for travel when guest rooms don’t have outlets close to the nightstands or when someone in the backseat doesn’t have a power cord.

I keep my stuff organized with a leather cable strap. These are the things..

I have a few gift ideas for her that I love.

These packing cubes are used. I can pack more in my luggage and keep everything organized.

Kitchen gadgets. This clip-on strainer., These magnetic measuring spoons are used.Or, at least. This pizza cutter.. You can find fun kitchen gadgets that would make great stocking stuffers. This post is about my favorite kitchen gadgets..

This scrub brush is rotating. Which is the best thing to do for cleaning.

This on/off clamp. It doesn’t need the Omni-Glide to keep a regular Dyson on.

These mats are very soft. I want to get these in front of the kitchen sink, they are cute and perfect for it.

My husband Jeff has many great ideas to add to your Christmas wish list. …

There are ideas for Christmas wish lists.

The magic wallet.The person said thatThe jacket is black.The person said thatThe smart mug is called the Ember.The person said that A grill basket.The person said that A smokeless fire pit.The person said that A portable jump starter.The person said that Sanuk shoes are 7.The person said that A car vacuum cleaner.The person said that Tech short sleeve shirt.The person said that Tech shirt

Love this super slim wallet - adding to my Christmas wish list!

I have shared before how we tease Jeff about his black coat collection because he buys two new ones every year and has a black coat for every occasion and weather variable. He has tried a lot of the others. This black jacket is from the eco jacket series.. It is lightweight but still warm in the winter, but not too warm when it is less cold. It is easy to stuff in a suitcase or laptop backpack when traveling. I like that it is not too thick so I can wear it under a raincoat or a sport coat.

I gave Jeff a gift. This mug is smart. He says it is one of his all-time favorite gifts, since he is an all-day coffee drinker. The mug keeps the coffee piping hot for up to 1.5 hours, which is different from a regular coffee heating pad/plate. off The charging coaster needs to be plugged in, but the cord is behind the mug, so you can’t see it in the picture.

You can set the temperature of your coffee using the Ember Mug app, and you can receive notifications if you like it the best. There is a larger 14 ounce mug that Jeff has. Here.The larger size Ember mug is available if you want to get really fancy. Here. There is a personalized logo on it.

Jeff has a lot of grilling supplies. This grill basket. I haven’t shared this before. It is great for putting vegetables on the grill without being concerned about them falling through the grill grate. It is dishwasher friendly for easy clean-up. He loves grilling supplies. These grill mats are made of wood. And. This grill brush..

We recently purchased something. This is a solo bonfire. It is designed to make it easy to create a roaring fire with little smoke and little ash left to clean. Jeff was dying to get one after he was at a friend’s house and they had one. I love that it has a clean design.

The mid-sized version of the bonfire is small enough to be portable and big enough to create a roaring fire. It is easy to carry out in our backyard when we want to use it because it is in our garage during the warm weather months. Also, there is Solo. This is a larger fire pit. And. This Ranger is smaller. That is the perfect size for camping or bonfires at the beach.

Jeff bought the car after it took forever to find someone to help jump start it after a long distance trip. This portable jump starter is portable. It is easy to jump start your own car if there is no one around to help you or if you are parked in a way that it is difficult to get another car close to the hood of yours. Everything you need is in a small bag.

If you live in a place that gets storms that knock out your power, it can be used as a portable power bank to charge your devices. Each of our girls’ cars will have a battery that will last them a long time.

Jeff has a shoe guy and his current favorites. These shoes are from Sanuk. He bought that earlier this year and got great reviews. . The sole is similar to a sandal, but the rest of the design is a shoe. They are machine washed too. The way the seams run in the back of the shoes allows them to fold down perfectly if he wants to just slide them on for a quick trip outside.

His other favorite shoes are some of the ones he has. These tree runner sneakers are made of rubber. And. The Zerogrand wingtip oxfords are pictured. For work and dressier occasions.

We keep our house clean but our cars are a disaster, and I have a picture of the portable car charging station in my phone. I am cheating. This car vacuum cleaner is highly rated. We haven’t tried it out yet but I found it while shopping for gift ideas for Jeff and I love the idea! The car vacuum has a long cord that you can use to keep it in your car, and it plugs into the car’s lighter.

9 These shirts are Tech short sleeve. And. These shirts are Tech button down shirts. There are a lot of color and pattern options. They are super absorbent so you don’t get sweaty when it’s warm. He bought more short sleeve shirts for daily use and long sleeve button downs for when he returns to the office after a vacation because he was impressed by how cool he was wearing them. He wears the slim and has a medium build.

There are other gift ideas for the guys in your life.

This icemaker is made of obsidian. The whole family loves Sonic-like ice.

This portable wheeled cooler is called the Yeti cooler. That is up to the hype for being virtually indestructible and keeping things cool all day long.

These large spheres. That cools your cocktail but doesn’t make it too alcoholic.

This is an inexpensive breakfast sandwich maker. That makes great breakfast sandwiches.

My daughters have favorite things and I have some gift suggestions for college age girls.

There are ideas for Christmas gifts for teens.

The fruit has a slimy texture.The person said that Roller skates.The person said that The shacket is made of fleece.The person said that The face roller is on.The person said that Lighted makeup mirrorThe person said that The portable phone charger is portable.The person said that The Zodiac rings.The person said that The face roller is made of rose quartz.The person said that Blue light glasses.The person said that There are hair clips.The person said that The mini camera is used for selfies.The person said that Yogibo

My girls say that squishymallows are super soft and adorable. The most popular of the bunch is the avocados, but there are tons of other options, including the dinosaur, that my oldest daughter is a big fan of.

You can find the fruit. Here is the location. There are other options. Here is the location. And. Here is the location.. The squishmallow brand is so popular that you should look for it.

I love that skates are back in style, I used to skate at the roller skating ring. These roller skates are made of roller skates. Get rave reviews if you come in the prettiest colors.

A shirt and jacket. This is a lightweight version of a shacket. My oldest daughter likes the fleece lining.

There are 4. This is a face roller. It is made with volcanic stone, which absorbs excess oil on your face with a simple roll. If you have oily skin, it’s great. The roller can be used on clean skin or over makeup and can be washed and reused. It is a little bigger than a nail polish bottle.

It would be easy to keep your purse or backpack in your pocket. A great stocking stuffer!

5. This makeup mirror has lighted sides. It is well lit, has sections with 2x and 3x magnification, and comes in a variety of colors. This mirror can be powered by a cable or batteries, unlike a lot of mirrors that need to be plugged in.

A good portable charger is a must have. This portable rose gold phone charging station. It is slim, fast and has a built-in cable so you don’t have to hunt down a charging cord.

7. These Zodiac rings. They are handmade by the prettiest shop on the internet and look more expensive than they are. Check out their entire. There is an elysian shop. For beautiful personalized jewelry.

There are 8. This Rose face roller is made of Rose quartz. It is used to massage the skin and improve circulation to eliminate dark circles and give you a healthy glow. The perfect stocking stuffer!

There are 9. These glasses have blue light. It would be a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of their computers. They block the blue light from the computer screen. My daughters use theirs daily.

Large hair clips are popular with this age group. These large hair claws are large. A great gift is a combination of colors. My daughter picked the pink, khaki, green, and black color combination as her favorite. These claw clips are made of wood. Another pretty option!

There are 11. This is a mini camera. It’s a fun way to get photos. The camera colors are fun and there are extras for taking the perfect pictures. Also, get. This two-pack of film. To go with it.

There are 12. This Yogibo. It is a hot gift this season. It is filled with soft micro-beads that mold to fit your body. Our daughters use it all the time to relax and read a book. The cover can be thrown in the washing machine for cleaning.

Weighted blankets. These are the bestsellers. There are a variety of options. The rule of thumb is that the blanket should be 10% of your body weight. A weighted blanket of 12 pounds would be just right for someone who is 120 pounds.

This llama is huggable. And. This sloth. Warming pads filled with buckwheat grains and lavender can be microwaved to keep you warm or frozen to cool you off.

My daughters use the two hair tools the most. This deep waver. To make hair waves. This is a hair dryer. It volumizes your hair as it dries.

These fuzzy slippers are made of fuzzy material. My oldest daughter is available in several colors.

These leggings are from Lululemon. They are always a hit. It is easy to exchange a dress if you don’t get the right size with free shipping and returns.

These are the makeup products from Fenty Beauty. They are almost universally loved and a nice little gift that they might not buy on their own.

Cricket wanted to share her favorite things with the world. They are.

There are ideas for a Christmas wish list for your dog.

There are potty bells.The person said that The dog bed has a donut.The person said that A dog water bottle.The person said that Perfect poop supplement.The person said that A puppy.The person said that 6. The tag is Apple air tag. The collar holder is on the floor.The person said that The skelm are hiding.The person said that No hiding chicken stix. Chicken chips. The person said that A Kong toy.

We are done! I hope you found some gift ideas to add to your Christmas wish list.

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