Gilad Atzmon

GA gave an introduction. Aedon Cassiel focuses on the most problematic and controversial aspects of my work in this interview. We talked about Jewish power in the context of race, biology, genes and eugenics. We looked into Jewish survival strategies, controlled opposition, and identitarian dystopia. We looked at cognitive partitioning and The Bell Curve. I didn’t get cut slack. He was not a fan of my work. I had a lot of fun with his questions.

Who do you consider to be speaking to in your work? If you don’t have a specific audience in mind, then my question is: if only one group of people could hear your message, who would you choose, and what would you do about it?

This is important to me. I don’t intend to speak to people who are different from me. I have no interest in politics or activism. I am looking for something. I am fascinated by the troubled history of Jews, their survival strategies, overrepresentation in media, politics, banking, and the Manhattan Project. The worst landlords in New York City.They have a lot of power in political lobbying. I am trying to identify the cultural roots of that. I am interested in metaphysics that forms the Jew, not the Jew himself. I am interested in culture and ideology.

The last third. Being in time.The idea of controlled opposition is based on the idea that Jews tend to both lead and manage criticism of Jews, even of criticism promulgated by other Jews, which has the effect of pushing non-Jews out of the debate. Are your efforts to create a controlled opposition the same thing? Why not?

Thanks for raising the point. If Jewish survival strategy is as sophisticated as I suggest, you and others should be careful with Jewish ideologists and ideologies. I suppose this applies to me as well. My work must be critiqued, and hopefully it will stand the test of reflexes.

Being in Time is available. is an online


What do you mean by “Jews are certainly not a race, nor even an ethnicity?” What do you think these terms mean? Is it that Jews have too many different groups to be considered a single collective, or is it that race and ethnicity are meaningless categories in general?

It is more likely that Jews have not formed a single continuum as far as ancestry, genetics, or biology are concerned, despite the fact that many Jews insist that they belong to one race and share one father. Despite the fact that Jews do not form a racial continuum, their politics are always racially oriented.

Is race and ethnicity meaningless in general categories? Not at all. I am not an evolutionary scientist or an anthropologist, and the study of race or ethnicity is not my domain. I dig into some questions about Jewish identification.

You discuss the sociological implications of cognitive partition in Jewish society over time and the historical cause of this phenomena, as well as the practice of selective breeding in Jewish rabbinical culture. This is one of the key points in which your work comes back. You want to avoid making a claim that genetic influences are part of the explanation for why these patterns persist. How could genealogy not involve genes in Jewish society? It seems odd to specifically identify breeding patterns as being responsible for this development, and yet you don’t believe that heredity is the method of transmission. Do you think the mechanism behind this phenomena is behind the history?

I have no doubt about it. Being in time.The European Jewish rabbinical meritocratic system can be seen as a eugenic project. . I would be happy to learn that an evolutionary scientist has decided to look into my model and make a scientific study that will verify or refute my assumptions. Kevin MacDonald has produced the most important work on this topic to date, and the animosity he is subject to suggests that he is an Athenian truth-teller.

You prefer to talk about ability as a general term rather than using IQ as a specific instance. What theories do you have about the ability of Jews?

I don’t give facts or statistics in my work. The reader, the listener, and I are all raising issues. I give an interpretation or analysis of a situation, a set of problems in our current reality, and it is up to you to examine it, play with the ideas, and eventually make a decision.

I am troubled by the debate over how to measure IQ. A person’s merits can be judged by their ability. John Coltrane was the most accomplished saxophonist. I don’t need to see his results. Would Donald Trump score higher than Hillary Clinton on an IQ test? I don’t think it is. He was more likely to win the election. The key insight made by Richard Herrnstein is what I refer to as ability. Was it that they knew that America was going towards a cognitive partitioning? Herrnstein was an academic genius.The Bell Curve is a curve.The book was burned by the favorite icons of the Left, like Noam Chomsky, and others. I allow myself to argue that Gould, Chomsky and others trashed the world. The Bell Curve is a curve.It is the responsibility of the person to live in a dystopia. The validity of IQ measurement and comparisons between races were issues for me.The Bell Curve is a curve.The core of the oppressive reality in which we live has been addressed by the warnings about cognitive partitioning.

Would you say that it is rational for Jews of higher ability to want to keep their society focused on cognitive partitioning?

It is hard to know if it is the result of a conscious decision. What I argue against.Being in time.It is not as different as it could be. Since America and the West have evolved into divided environments, it is no surprise that the Jewish Ashkenazi elite is prominent.

You frequently wish to see manufacturing return. I agree that this is a part of the picture, but you wouldn’t advocate sending academics out to work in factories and fields, for example. What would the dissolution of cognitive partitioning look like in practical terms? What would we have to do, how long would it take, and what would be the main difficulties?

I believe that society will change. I don’t think that society needs millions of unemployed Gender Studies graduates. Production and agriculture must be restored for society to function. Those who are qualified for higher education should be able to get it for free. How many doctors are needed, how many engineers are needed, or how many feminist scholars are needed are all questions that a functional society must decide. The education should be free and at the highest possible level. This would mean planning. This also suggests that academia wouldn’t be a self-serving industry. If industry, manufacturing, and production are starting to roll, we may find some very intelligent people involved. I don’t see this as a negative development. Society will once again be diverse. Isn’t that what the progressives have been promising us for a long time?

How much influence identity politics had on American society that never invited Jews in?

I have no answer to the question. Identity politics is a revolutionary ideology. You don’t need to be present in a place to spread the ideology.

Would American society have freed the slaves if it weren’t for the Jews? Feminism would have become more radical and divisive.

We have to be careful. We have to distinguish between political acts that unite us as humans and those that break us up into tribes. The abolition of slavery was a political project that was partially motivated by ethical reasoning. The same applies to women. Feminism and lesbianism are just as bad as Jewish identity politics. They are biologically oriented identitarian thoughts that are set to maintain a fragmented, sectarian social environment.

Black-white relations would be as tense without identity politics. If Jews helped push the legitimate form of early identity politics to achieve their aims faster, and held on by the skin of their teeth as identity politics outlived its purpose and became toxic, how can we even begin to analyze the net impact of these two diverging phenomena?

I think that this is what I attempt to do. Being in time.I try to understand the factors that broke us into sectors.

Your analysis shows that Jews have been a leading force in promoting identity politics as a means to divide and break society in order to ensure that no one else is allowed to have a stronger sense of homelessness. If the root of the effort to promote this kind of division is the Jewish sense of homelessness, then why isn’t giving Jews a home to take away that feeling of homelessness?

I think allocating a national homeland for the Jews was a great idea. I argue that early Zionism was a movement that was effective in its ability to diagnose the Jewish problem and cultural symptoms. Zionism’s failure suggests that planet Earth is not a good place for a homeland. Zionism has proven that the Israelis didn’t develop an empathizing notion of otherness despite their initial promise to turn the Jews into “people like all other people”. The treatment of the Palestinians proves this point. Israel doesn’t love its neighbors. Along with its dedicated Jewish lobbies, it pushes for global conflicts. I am accused by some of reopening the Jewish question, but I am not going to try to solve these problems.

Let’s talk about how intentional you think these Jewish tendencies are. Tim Wise is an anti-racist activist who travels around lecturing about giving up white privilege and challenging everyone else to do the same. Wise speaks about himself as if he were of European origin, even though he never identifies as a Jew. Is it worth mentioning someone like Tim Wise, who is of Jewish descent but does not identify as a Jew or politically as Jewish?

In. I restricted my analysis to those who identify themselves as Jews. This was a relatively easy task, and it helped to clarify that the anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic groups are one. In. Being in time.I extended my scope. I’m talking about the Athens/Jerusalem dichotomy again. Jerusalemites know who is kosher. treifA basket of people who are not nice. Jerusalemites who subscribe to secular chosenism are the Progressives. They attribute to themselves a special sense of superiority and at the same time look down on the so-called “reactionary.” Tim Wise and other prog-preachers should reflect. He should ask himself why he thinks that way. He should wonder why he thinks that resembles a Jew.It was called Treif.. Can he love his neighbor? Jerusalem is a form of obeying, but Athens is a hard job. It involves constant conceptual shifting.

Do you think Tim Wise is aware of the divisive outcomes caused by his style of identity politics? What extent is this conscious?

I don’t know. My role as a philosopher is to find the answers to the questions. I believe that these are questions that Wise should ask himself and that others are entitled to ask of him. These are some of the questions that should be pondered by each of us.

This question is not as focused inside your main line of argument as my others are, but it crossed my mind as I was reading. Is there any reason why Jewish influence over divisive forms of feminism would be as significant as it was, and yet Jews have not co-opted the so-called men’s rights movement? Feminism serves Jewish interests, but not MRA ideologies.

Great question. Otto Weininger said that the man was a woman. Maybe this is the answer to your question. I stopped being a Jew because I didn’t want to be a woman. I have to look into that for a while.

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