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HOLIDAY WISHES is the next sexy, stand-alone in the Heartbreaker Bay series, and is now available for 99 cents. Don’t miss the amazing excerpt, grab your copy today!

About holiday wishes.

It is Christmastime in the bay.

Sean O’Riley is at the bed.

Lotti told Sean she loved him while he was silent. She is looking for a good time ten years later. She wants to be free and wild, and when she sees how good Sean was, she thinks he’s the perfect candidate.

Sean realized that he is ready to find a wife after a lifetime of being the hook-up king. But is she ready to open her heart again? Christmas is sweeping through the little B.

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Sean felt stressed and it was a huge understatement. Give him a chance to break up. Give him a freight train to try to outrun him. Anything. He had to keep his brother from losing his shit at his wedding.

It is not like Sean didn’t understand. Getting married was a big deal. He wanted to, but he didn’t fully understand. He did. How funny was that? Sean O’Riley, younger brother, hook-up king, was suddenly tired of the game and was looking for his own.

Finn asked Sean if they were close to there.

Finn said he was serious. When we went to Vegas, we had to stay at the Magic-O motel because every hotel was booked.

Sean sighed and said that it was back when he was still stupid. I promise you that we don’t have stripper poles. You asked me a hundred and one time, I double and triple checked. Pru, I hope you realize you are marrying a person.

Pru was laughing from the shotgun position. One of us has to be the one who is nagging in this relationship. ”

Pru leaned over the console to give Sean a high-five.

Sean said that he didn’t pick this place, but that Finn’s woman did. ”

Pru said that the story was true. The B is what it is.

Finn let loose of a small smile because they both knew that Sean had a dream of being a superhero. Sean had suffered through tight ends for two seasons in high school football before he cracked his clavicle, and he had never liked them.

He turned to fighting and not the good kind after that. Finn is older by seven years and a hundred. Sean had saved himself from every situation he had ever been in. Thanks to Finn, there were a lot fewer situations that should have been.

Sean had taken the slowest route possible on his way to becoming a man, but he had hit his stride now. He hoped so because Finn was counting on him over the next week and Sean had let him down. He wouldn’t let him down.

Sean pulled into the driveway.

Finn nodded. Pru was jumping up and down in her seat. Willa was doing the same. Everyone fell out of the door that was opened by Willa’s boyfriend.

The rolling hills of the valley were lined with grape vines for as long as the eye could see, not that they could actually see them right now. It was late, pitch dark, and rain had been pouring down all day, which didn’t detract from the beauty of the Victorian B.

Not Pru and Willa. The two raced through the rain and held hands with the other people in the group. Sean, Finn, and Finn’s posse followed.

They all fell in the door.

The group collectively looked at each other and said a word. before turning to Sean. .

He was in charge of the weekend activities that would lead up to the wedding happening next week at a winery about twenty minutes up the road. This was what a man who was a best man did. All. The stuff. The pride he had in his mistake of asking Sean to be his best man over any of his friends was the main reason for his happiness.

The anxiety was making a strong bid at the moment. He shook off some of the rain and headed over to the greeting desk, where twelve people were waiting. He stopped and was almost run over by the parade. He paused until his group nodded in unison.

Jesus. He should not have given them champagne before they left O’Riley’s, the pub he and Finn owned in San Francisco. The irony of the century was that he was the voice of reason. He made his way past the raging fire in the fireplace with candles lining the mantel and to the small, quaint check-in desk.

She hadn’t been “stayed.” Neither had Finn. They were eating cookies with Sean.

A woman with a laptop sat at the check-in desk and typed away while her Santa hat quivered. She smiled as she entered the group. She froze when her gaze landed on Sean.

She smiled warmly and quickly, and no one else seemed to notice. But. Sean, welcome to the B.

Good question. Sean had a question on the tip of his tongue that was stuck to the roof of his mouth.

There are two novels in the Heartbreaker Bay Series.

Little things.

The trouble with mistletoe is one snow night.

It is on purpose.

Christmas Eve is a busy day. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year (Coming 1/23/18).

You can grab your copies here.!

The New York Times. And. USA Today. A bestselling author lives in a small town in the Sierras. Her books have quirky characters, and any resemblance to them is coincidental. If you want to read a complete list of her books and daily diary of her adventures, click on the button above.

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