How to Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon

I received an email asking how to find a wish list.
An Amazon wish list is a great way to find something for someone on a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.

How to find someone's Amazon wish list

I went into my Amazon account and played with it for a bit.

The previous article was about. Mentioned The method of research is using gift lists.

It is simple. The wish list is public. You will not be able to find it if they have set it to private.

Be sure to have your. You should have something on hand when you start looking into Amazon for wish lists.

I will show you how to create, modify, and share. In this article.

What is it? The wish list from Amazon.?

There is a wish list for Amazon.
Users can use the tool to create a list of items they want or hope to get for themselves in the future.

Anyone with a link can have access to the public wish lists.
Who would be able to access your wish list?

Someone looking for ideas of what to get you for an occasion or the kind of things you like so they can make a gift for you.

How to find someone. The wish list from Amazon.

You used to be able to search for Amazon wish lists with email and names, but it seems that no longer works.

It is not as secret as it used to be, but there is a new way to access your friend’s wish list.

Go to the first step. The home page of Amazon.

Take a quick look over. There are accounts. Click on the wish list option in the top right corner. .

Step 2 is your friends.

You will see three bars at the top of Your lists. Click on it. Your friends..

Ask your friends.

A message on the page asks your friend to share their list. Click on it. Email this message to yourself. To send it out, you have to press the button.

You can send a message to your email address from a copy and modify it.

You will not be able to access it. They have to share it with you.

They won’t know what you bought until the gift arrives.

You need to be a member of Amazon before you can access lists.

If you are the last person on earth who doesn’t have an Amazon account, you can create one. .

Step 3 is to note down the list.

If you want to check out the list again later on, you will have to go to your list page, but it will be accessible from there.

Step 4 is to get organized.

Go ahead and plan for the gift the person will give you. You can sort. The sort by and filter pull-down menus allow you to sort items by title, date, price, priority, or purchased status.

You can add items to your cart later or buy with 1 click.
When you save items to your cart, Amazon will notify you when there is a deal going on or a price drop.

You can request gift wrap through Amazon.

There are more updates if you are located in the US..

How to create your own. The wish list from Amazon.

This is one of my favorites. I will walk you through the process if you are not familiar with it or have never done it before.

The first step is to create a list.

The Accounts are to be checked over. .

Click on it. A list can be created. At the top right corner. Click on it. There is a wish list.You will be asked to give a name to your wish list.

You will need to enter your name or nickname in order to set it to private or public. Click that. List creation.
I named my list.

Add products to your collection. The wish list from Amazon.

You can add things to your list on Amazon. I want to add an Instant Pot to my wish list.

I went to the sales page after conducting a search on Amazon.

Look for it when you scroll down. Add to the list. There is a button on the right. Click on it and add it to your list.

You will be prompted to view your list or continue shopping if you add it to your list.

Clicking on view your list will take you to your page. The Instant Pot is on my wish list. You can add as many products as you want.

Step 3 is Privacy settings.

At the top of your list, select. More.Select more. List can be managed. You can set your list to be private or public.

Only you can see the list if it is private. Click to do so. Please submit. To confirm your privacy settings is all you need.

You can change your name, set up a spoiler alert and more.

If you opt for a spoiler alert, you won’t know someone has purchased something until it arrives.

This prevents you from buying the same gift for yourself. If you no longer need the list, you can remove it.

How do I share my wish list with my friends?

Click to share your list. Send lists to people you know. There is a button. You can invite others to view and invite if it is a collaborative wish list.

You can choose view only and copy the link if you want.

You can share this link via email, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

You can make wish lists for any occasion. There is no limit. You can add comments and even prioritize.

Do you know what the best thing about Amazon Wish Lists is? You can add items from other retailers.

You can add items from other places. .

How do I add items from other retailers to my wish list?

The extension for Amazon Assistant is all you need to install. You can find out how to uninstall the extension. .

The extension works across the board. Click the extension to add it to your page whenever you come across something you want. .

What if someone already bought me something? My wish list on Amazon.?

If you want to avoid a situation where you buy yourself something someone has already purchased for you, Amazon has a Surprise Spoiler setting.

If you buy something for someone else, you will be warned to not buy it for yourself.

Under the Manage List, you can find the surprise spoiler settings. Check or not. Don’t make me think I’m crazy..

Does. The wish list from Amazon. Remove items that were purchased?

If someone has already purchased an item, it will be hidden on Amazon. You can choose if you would like the item to remain on your list. List can be managed.

Amazon will show that the item has been purchased. If you checked, this option won’t work. Don’t make me angry..

Privacy is a priority for the Amazon Wish List. Does Amazon show your address?

Privacy is not a problem when it comes to your delivery address.

If someone orders something from your wish list and wants it to be sent to you directly, you will only see your name and city.
They will not see your address.

I have ordered from my friend’s lists before and when the shipping option came up, I only saw her first name and her city so I can confirm that it is correct.

How to find a wish list on the app.

The process is the same. Click the settings icon in the top left corner to make your lists on the Amazon App. Click on the button to find a list or registry.

You can choose to have your list and friend’s list. You can choose to email your friend requesting them to share their Wish List.

I hope I can answer your questions. .

If you have any more, ask them in the comments. Start with a wish list on Amazon. .

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