My Eco Conscious Christmas Wish List 2019

  • eco conscious christmas wish list 2019

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I have been writing gift guides to help you choose better gifts. A lot of you have asked what I want for this year.

I don’t need anything. It really seems silly to ask for anything during the holidays, as I feel a little over confident.

Some family members are not opposed to ideas. We go. I want you to know what is on my Christmas wish list this year. The why is important too.

Al has a wish list.

There are a lot of things that I wish I had more of. I am a more practical person. I try to kill 2 birds with one stone when someone asks for a gift idea.

I keep a running list of things that I need so when holidays and birthdays come up, I am prepared.

I gave my mom a few Christmas gift ideas, but she asked why they were all for my home, and I couldn’t add anything to them. Oops!

There are some items on the Christmas wish list that are specifically for the home.

The shopping bag set is made of recycled materials.

I want a simple ecology.

The bag set is organic.

I keep my car in my garage so I can go for any planned or unforeseen shopping trips. I have been caught off guard by the fact that I try so hard to always have the right bag with me. My plan is to put all the essentials in a box in the back of my car.

Shopping box bags are re-usable.

Another set of bags. You can see why my mother was worried about me.

I want this.

The box bag set is made of recycled materials.

I have heard these work wonders in the grocery store. A box makes packing easier. The checkout person is destroying the organic produce you just paid for.

I plan on putting this in the back of the car as a zero waste container.

The bags are labeled “stripper.”

I can’t get enough. The bags are stashed.. I use them for everything. I want all the sizes and colors. I want them all. I ordered myself some during the 25% off sale, but I was also on my eco conscious Christmas wish list.

I had to laugh when I was shopping for snack bags on Cyber Monday instead of clothing, because I used to do that in the past.

I think you can’t have enough bags. These will be on my gift list.

Food lovers.

These are not new. Food lovers. I have seen some of the most innovative kitchen gadgets this year. They are smart and eco friendly.

You use them to cover fruit and veggies you don’t want to eat anymore, and a million other things. They have specific ones for butter sticks. They are just cool. I already have some, and they work.

Make sure you get the actual thing. The brand of food is called Food Huggers., I have seen some copy cat products that don’t look responsible with their packing. . I think we would all support the originators of the idea.

There are things I would love to have that are not in my kitchen.

Normally I would just browse around until I found something I wanted. Or maybe add to the amount of clothing in my closet. Don’t judge, just be honest here.

I tried to be more thoughtful about my Christmas wish list this year.

Cotton on pajamas

I stumbled upon something. Cotton on. Looking for a solution that is organic. I don’t think this will be my end, but I really don’t like my current pajama situation. Is there a problem with pajama pants being too short? It’s really sad.

I decided to give my current stuff and get 2 sets that I really liked. I added Cotton On to my Christmas wish list.

Cotton On creates regular clothing products that are more sustainable. They care about every aspect of the process. I can tell they are more responsible than not.

I accidentally ordered some of these for myself. I couldn’t stop myself from buying during the 40% off sale.

I did not do any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping for myself, but I did buy a couple of sustainable pajamas from the Stasher bags. We will count that as a victory.

Nisolo purses

I came up with a new purse. I feel like I am close to being out of the diaper bag stage of life.

I am not a big purse person. I don’t spend a lot of money on them. You would find me in the shoe department sooner.

I have been using the same black purse for about 10 years and I would like to switch to something more eco conscious. There are a few brands that make great purses, but I wanted something specific.

I was looking for a large bucket purse that I could fit in my laptop and still have enough space for my kids stuff. I love a strap. I am not sure who is carrying a purse over their shoulders. That sounds like misery to me.

The double handle optioned purse is not easy to find.

I found this.

Nisolo Simone Crossbody shop.

The bag looks great.

It felt small for all of my needs, so I added a bigger option on days where I needed a bigger option.

Nisolo tote

To my Christmas wish list.

I have been using a gold card holder from Target for about 5 years now. My 1.5 year old threw it in the toilet and it seemed like a sign. I went ahead and added it.

Nisolo Class wallet.

To my Christas wish list as well.

I feel like my purse situation will be set for years, and years, and years, with those three bags.

Nisolo is a Certified B Corporation, which is my favorite type of company to shop from. They do a lot of things ethically.

good stuff

For the environment and people.

The bag is from the Patagonia company.

We have collected a lot of random bags this year, and my husband and I have been limping along. Have had since college.

We spent a lot of money on a new luggage set last year. I have some terrible options to work with when it comes to shorter trips where I need a duffel bag. I was pretty excited when I found the Black Hole Duffel bag line.

These bags are made from recycled products. They look really cool. They are expensive. I can’t say much about that.

I went for it. 40L duffel bag with wheels.. It was the perfect size for a short trip. I added that. The cube is black. I don’t have a travel cosmetics case that will fit my toothbrush, so this seemed like the perfect match.

I think my husband will be relieved to not have to worry about my toothbrush anymore.

Al’s Eco Conscious Christmas Wish List has bonus ideas.

I don’t really need anything to survive, there are only so many gifts you can ask for in a girl.

If you enjoy seeing what I would choose for gifts, here are a few more things I would put on my Christmas wish list.

See? It is possible to get amazing gifts that are eco conscious. I hope my Christmas wish list gives you some inspiration. Try to avoid plastic and use eco friendly gifts.

Want to find more eco conscious gift ideas?

The page is for gifts.


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