A conversation with author of The Wedding Planning Baby,Amanda Ashby.

He will have to choose between his family and duty.

He never thought he could have a real family.

It was fun to write about Lincoln and Bec, they bounced well off each other, which made it more enjoyable. I loved the fact that Bec and her best friend, Coop, were on the page together.

I don’t have a desk that is untouched by human hands.

You left history, history is all you left me. I did a sad blinky thing when I finished this book because I loved it so much and I realized I am not in book world at all.

The silly kind. I think that when my editor sees that I go over the top with the situations that I throw my characters into, he will pull me back. I end up with crazy weird things happening in my books when they forget. I should be left alone.

I like to read Young Adult and Fantasy books because they have a lot of action, sword fighting and magic. I love romance and humor so when I get a book that combines all of these things, I am pretty happy.

I can only tell my left from my right without shaking my hand and I know how to make the letter L with your left hand, so I don’t want that to happen. Alas, it does not. . I have a great sense of direction despite not being able to tell my left from my right, which was very handy in the pre-Satnav days.

I was born in Australia but have lived in England and New Zealand for many years and have a strange accent. I would win the accent competition.

I will always love The Spice Girls and all their music. I simply reply zig-ah-zig-ah, because this makes my husband shudder.

I believe that more is better when it comes to black boots.

The above policy applies to purses and white linen blouses.

When did you start writing and when did you finish?

I started writing when I woke up one day and decided I should write a book. I wish I could say I was exaggerating, but I didn’t. Not a clue. I was good at writing at school and had a long life as a reader, but until that moment of clarity, the chances of me becoming a writer were as likely as me becoming anastronomy. A lot. Of work. I don’t think so. I wrote a 50,000 word romance after waking up with the idea to write a book. Yeah. It was just as bad as it sounds. I did the whole thing in bold, but it took me a month to write. I was that ignorant. I kept writing and learning until I sold my first book ten years later. I could never be anastrologer. I am a very slow learner.

I work in the children’s department at my local library. I love seeing kids read and I love seeing books in their hands. I also like to watch television and have my nose buried in a book. I have a small addiction to buying vintage treasures which keeps me busy. I have a family that I also feed and water, so let’s pretend that they come further up the list.

I do! I am so proud of everyone who listens to their inner voice, who dares to follow their dreams, and who steps into the magical space of creativity, because they are all in a great place. There is only one way to write a book and that is word by word. You will never figure out how a scene works until you sit down and start writing your story. Take a deep breath and get going. You have this!

New Zealand is where the author of romance, young adult and middle grade books is from. She works in a library, has a lot of vintage tablecloths, and likes to rearrange furniture to delight her family.

She is married with two children and has a degree in journalism. Her first book was listed in the New York Public Library Stuff for the Teen Age, and she was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award. She writes under the name Catherine Holt because she is mysterious and hopes that her writing won’t interfere with her schedule.

The wedding planners baby.

The Wishing Bridge Farm has two sisters.

The person is, of course, the one who is, of course, the one who is, of course, the one who is, of course, the one who is, of course, the one who is, of course, the one who is.

April 10th, 2017: release.
It wasangled bliss.

Lincoln Mathews has never known love. His family home and business are in danger unless he finds a solution. Fast. Their idea? Marry for money. The girl who stole his heart is carrying their child. His first assignment? Follow her to Wishing Bridge Farm. He will have to choose between duty and love for his family, he never thought he could have.

I apologize for judging you. I hate when people judge me, but I seem to be doing it to you. Her chest rose and fell beneath her shirt as she sighed.

I didn’t give you much to do. Lincoln tried to ignore the pain in his shoulder. He should move, but he might break the connection that had opened between them. What with forgetting to mention who I really was.

I understand why you did it. She was even more desirable because she bit down on her lip. The numbness in his shoulder disappeared, replaced by the pounding of his heart as he drank from her mouth. I could have asked more questions. She said that she took fewer photographs.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. He breathed in her scent, and dared to inch closer to her. His pulse went up as she moaned. The air in his throat was getting tight.

Her eyes never left his, she murmured. She had her perfume in his nose and her lips parted. “ This seems like a good idea. ”

The woman raced through him. She wants to kiss me more than I want to kiss her.

He leaned in and pressed his mouth to hers, until she groaned. Lincoln dragged her closer to him, pushing away everything between them. They were in Italy. She tasted some juice and sunshine. The sand was behind them. His hand was around his neck. His title and responsibilities went away. He could not taste her skin. Her heart throbbing.

A cute and fluffy read is a fun way to start the week.

The end of book one.I was going to sign up for book two, but I wanted to know what Bec’s story was. Why was she running from someone? And a baby? I was curious. Not to mention anxious to see who her hero would be. Yes, please!

Lincoln and Bec were both likable and I wanted to see them get to an HEA, even though Lincoln didn’t seem particularly British. I felt a kinship with her when she reflected on her inner monologue.

She knew she was miserable. She had spent six months trying to study accounting and knew a thing or two about misery.

Reach it, sister. I had. Two. Tell me about it.

The wedding planning baby. If you haven’t read the first book, it would work as a stand alone. We have a good idea of where Pepper’s story is going, but it will be nice to have confirmation.

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