These are the games we want to see on Google Stadia in 2021

The first year of Stadia saw the debut of over 100 games and the promise of four times that many on their way. Some of the top games we want to see arrive on Stadia in the year 2021.

Kyle Bradshaw, Damien Wilde, and myself will go over our top three picks of what we want to see coming to Stadia in 2021, either out of personal preference or what they might mean for the platform.

Ben has a games wishlist.

The movie Star Wars: Squadrons.

I would love to play Star Wars Squadrons on Stadia, it is a game I have been addicted to. The space battles are one of my favorite parts of the movies and shows, and I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I still watch the movie every single time I see it.

I picked up Squadrons on my high-end Windows PC, and it runs well, but there are three reasons I want to see it on Stadia. First thing, device support. I would love to be able to play the game on my living room TV, because I love playing it on PC and specifically on a keyboard and mouse. The second reason? I have not purchased a game on PC in a while, and I forgot how annoying fans are. I enjoy the silence on my PC even though it is not loud, and I also enjoy playing games on Stadia without my headphones on. I had to keep cranking up the volume on my speakers to keep up with the fans as I played Squadrons over the weekend.

No man is above the ground.

Why not play another space flight game? I had an interest in No Man’s Sky even though I had a bad experience with the game’s launch state. No Man’s Sky has become a gorgeous game that is an absolute blast. I rarely play it on my PC because of its frustration.

No Man’s Sky is a massive game that requires a lot of power and storage. The game eats up at least 10GB on a hard drive, and has been a deal-breaker for some, but I have never run well on a PC with a build that runs on a Ryzen 5, an RTX 2070, and packing plenty. The game takes a long time to load. The friends I have that want to play the game are not on as good hardware, meaning their experience is not as good.

Stadia and No Man’s Sky feel like a great pair and I hope to see them in 2021. Stadia would provide access to high-end hardware at an affordable price. No Man’s Sky could be one of the few games that could really use Stadia’s tech. State Share could be a really fun way to link someone to a specific planet.

The Slime Rancher is a dog.

One game I would love to see come to Stadia in 2021, is Slime Rancher, an adventure game that can appeal to players of all ages and that can take advantage of Stadia.

If you haven’t heard of or played the game, it’s a game where players explore the “Far, Far Range” as they wrangle various types of slimes, build out a farm, and upgrade their tech. I really wish I could play it on all my screens. I would love to see more management-style games on Stadia in the future, as Little Big Workshop has been one of my most-played titles over the past few months. They are great for picking up for a few minutes, no matter what device you are on.

I think that Stadia Pro would be better with the addition of Slime Rancher. The park is called Monami Park.It would make sense for the title to be a Pro title since it was included in the Game Pass.

Kyle’s wishlist for games in the year 2021.

The name of the place is Hades.

Where do I start? Supergiant Games is a studio that makes games. The entire catalog. Stadia needs to be ported to Bastion. The story of the Prince of the Underworld, who was named after the son of the Underworld’s leader, is called “Hsysy” and it follows the story of the son of the Underworld, who was named after the leader.

One of the best roguelikes ever created with an ever-deepening combat system is Hades. Combine perks from the gods of Olympus and choose from a variety of weapons to create a build that will help you escape.

It is a rare trait in roguelikes that Hades is accessible. The upgrades system and God Mode make it possible for more casual players to enjoy the beautifully crafted storylines and unique interactions with various characters.

There are three key reasons that Stadia needs to get Hades, but I can’t explain them all. There aren’t many roguelikes on Stadia. It would be a shame for Stadia to not have 2020’s Game of the Year because Hades was the Game of the Year. The game is having a lot of fans and artists come together to share their love of the game and its characters. Stadia needs a company. needs If the platform becomes relevant, it’s important to keep up with the gaming trends.

It is a game called “Minecraft.”

There is a list of games that need to come to Stadia, but not all of them. The infinite building, crafting, and resource managing loop of the game would bring an almost entirely unrepresented genre to Stadia.

The add-on system of the game makes it an almost must-have for Stadia. A new world with add-ons can be a breath of fresh air for a seasoned player.

The game is now in the hands of Microsoft. They are willing to put the game on every platform, including Nintendo Switch. Stadia is the easiest place to play the game of Minecraft.

The band is called Rock Band.

This is a more personal choice for me. Rock Band is one of the best music games of all time, and it is almost no Stadia representation. The series came back in 2015 with Rock Band 4 on the last generation of consoles, but you would be forgiven for thinking that the days of fake, plastic rock and roll were behind us.

Stadia is capable of any exotic controllers you could ever want to use. The Rock Band instruments can be plugged into the Stadia controller. tandem mode capabilities Plug into a computer or phone.

This isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Stadia Games and Entertainment and Rock Band’s developers,Harmonix, announced a partnership a few months ago. I still want to have hope, even though Rock Band is not the game they are working on together.

Stadia games wishlist by Damien.

The game is called Apex Legends.

I made no apologies for listing the game as a must for Stadia as an avid player. If there is no chance of Fortnite coming to the platform, then Apex is the best thing. It plays like a game of Titanfall 2 but with the benefit of a battle Royale.

The gunplay is some of the best in battle royale, and the mechanics are easy to pick up for old school Call of Duty players. 50 million players were attracted to the game after it was launched, but have dwindled somewhat. Especially in the US.. It would be easy for Stadia players to play across devices with the millions of daily players.

Many competitive online games have suffered due to a small but growing number of players. Nobody would lose out if the company could easily tap in. The game is free to play, but there are optional in-game items and battle passes that cost money.

It would be nice to have an alternative that is a proper first person shooter.

Yooka Laylee.

There are games on Stadia that are in 3D. We will probably never see a Mario game on Nintendo consoles, but what about a spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie?

We have a lot of open-world games, a good number of First Person Shooters, and classic 2D platformers, but we need some 3D platformers to sink our teeth into. I am not going to class some of the adventure games. There are very few new intellectual property that are trying to compete with Mario.

It is not a huge ask for Team17 to port the game to Stadia. It is a colorful nostalgia trip for players of a certain vintage while also being a great family-friendly title that will introduce new players to some classic gaming tropes.

The game, “GTA V.”

It is a wonder why we haven’t seen Grand Theft Auto V on Stadia, considering how much of a cash cow it has been for Rockstar since it released in 2013). The ability to play through as Michael, Franklin, andTrevor in 4K at 60 frames per second without a decent gaming PC is a personal draw, but there are other benefits.

The ever-expanding online game universe has helped maintain a massive player base for the game. It is fun to be able to take on bank jobs, heists, and mess around with the online players, but it is mostly pay-to-win at this stage.

It would be great to see the entire back catalog of games from the Grand Theft Auto series come to Stadia, but with the game still relevant, it should be a priority. It would keep some Stadia players happy.

What do you want to see?

There are many games that would be great to see in the cloud. We have talked about many titles, including Rocket League, Astroneer, and Jackbox games. Call of Duty is one of the biggest games that needs to come to Stadia, even though we are not really excited for it. Cold War and Warzone would be nice if it could make it to Stadia, but the series needs to arrive with its next iteration. It is a good candidate for its storage size alone.

What are your top choices? If you could pick any game to arrive on Stadia in 2021, what would you pick?




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