Wish App: 8 Things You Need to Know in 2021

The Wish app is a shopping app that allows you to order cheap goods online with major savings. Most items are shipped straight from China, and you can pick up items in minutes. The app and service have changed since it first launched, so it may be worth checking it out again.

Is Wish a good app? If you are willing to research what you are buying, wait for your orders, and learn from others, then that is what it is.

Wish is a shopping service that allows consumers to buy items directly from sellers at a steep discount. There are some products that are not real. Sometimes you can see a real brand-name product on Wish, but they aren’t as cheap and often sell out. Some of the sellers on Wish aren’t delivering what they advertise or use wordplay in descriptions to trick buyers.

Shoppers can use the Wish website or the app to shop for items on most major platforms. Here are some of the things that are there. There are a lot of surprising things you can buy on Wish.. You may not get what you expected if you wait too long for some Wish items. If a deal is too good to be true, you should be aware of it.

Five years ago, Wish was a novelty and it is now a popular item. There are more Wish app reviews that can help you get a good deal and avoid bad purchases, even though shipping times and selection are still varied. We are.A bracelet was given to the person who bought a 70 inch TV. So the Wish app is still a problem for scam artists.

Can you tell if something on Wish is real or fake? In the video above, Good Mythical Morning explores the topic of if something is real or not.

Users need to know about some things before placing an order for the Wish app. Here is what savvy shoppers need to know about the app.

What is the Wish App?

The Wish app is for mobile users. Website that you would like., They can buy clothing, accessories, gadgets and more at steep discounts. . There are a lot of items for sale that look similar to name-brand versions but are cheaper because they are not the same products you may be familiar with.

There are lots of listings for the real AirPods, but they are not. There are many similar style deals with watches, jewelry, and more. There are also daily and hourly deals.

Sometimes products and descriptions are trying to confuse customers. Sometimes the products are cheaper alternatives to items that users can’t afford. People will buy products on Wish because the prices are so low that they might not have expected to pay.

Shoppers can download.I wish for an iPad., It’s a mobile device called the Android., It’s Windows., And. Amazon Fire is a device..

App reviews are what I wish for.

Wish App Reviews

The Wish App reviews in the app store are full of warnings to avoid the service completely, which is one reason people are skeptical of Wish. A lot of Wish App reviews point out shipping delays, poor product quality, and other problems that make people think Wish is a scam.

Wish app scam review

The app is popular but the number of negative reviews and complaints give potential users reason to be concerned. The developer’s responses to complaints are repetitive and canned.

Some Wish App reviews say it can be difficult to get help with your orders. The service doesn’t have the same kind of customer service infrastructure that Americans are used to after shopping with major retailers, and there are other reasons.

Wish App Review- stars throw it away

A wish app suggests to just throw out the wrong items.

Some Wish App reviews show how difficult it is to know whether or not you will get what you order. The above Wish App user is what some Wish sellers are counting on. Many people don’t bother returning items because they are just a few dollars each and it’s not worth it.

There are many reviews within the Wish App, but some users claim the reviews are fake because their experiences don’t match up with the reviewers.

You need an account to use wish.

You need a Wish account to use the Wish app. You need to register to figure out if you want something that they sell. You cannot browse without an account.

You will need to create an account before you can see what is for sale.

Wish often advertises cheap products that look too good to be true. Once you click on the Wish ads, you will not be able to see the details and will be prompted to sign up for an account.

What is the Wish App?

The Wish app is not very fast at getting most items. It can take a month to get your item, because shipping can take from 11 days to 22 days. Some items can arrive in 7 days under the fast shipping option. Things are not arriving in two or three days like packages from Amazon and other retailers are because they are shipped straight from China. Some options include shipping and picking up items at a local store. Not all items are available for pickup.

Wish App Review- stars throw it away

Before you buy things in the Wish app, do your research.

The size of clothes and the finished product may not match the images of the product, you may get the wrong color or you may not get what you expect. It is more important to read the reviews and look for user photos on Wish than it is on other websites.

If you get a faulty item, it may take up to two days to hear back from Wish. You can ask for a refund or exchange from there. Before you place an order, check the reviews for shipping times.

Look for reviews and photos.

You can read reviews about the quality of items you buy in the Wish app, to see what other people think. If you plan on buying gifts on Wish, this is important. You can read the Store Ratings to see how the store is performing.

The best way to find out if a product is good is to look at the user photos of the products and see how they look. The video below shows you how the products compare to what you see on the website. Some items are great, but others are not in line with the description or colors shown on the website.

You can watch video reviews of Wish purchases on the internet. There are a lot of users who post Wish hauls and reviews on YouTube to show off what the actual products look like and how they fit.

Before you buy technology products from Wish, make sure you read the reviews. There are some good finds in the video.

You can see reviews of the products and hear from users about the shipping, which can take months in some cases.

App Shipping is something that I wish for.

Wish App - 3Many of the items that you buy in the Wish app ship for free from China, which is a pretty impressive deal. It takes up to three weeks for some items to arrive. International agreements on how international deliveries are handled by receiving countries are the reason Wish is cheap. It is cheaper to send a package from China to the U.S. than it is from China to the U.S.

You can see the shipping cost and estimated arrival for each item as you shop. You may have to pay shipping charges if you buy from different stores.

If you are buying heavy or bigger items, make sure you check this before you buy. Some amazing looking deals are no longer a good deal when you factor in shipping.

If you are shopping with Wish for a specific date or holiday, you may find that items will arrive in time, but you won’t have time to do exchanges if something isn’t as you expected.

I wish the app refunds.

You can request a return within 30 days of delivery on the Wish website. You should hear back within 72 hours if you use the app or website.

You are responsible for paying shipping and related fees. You can get a refund without having to return the item if you prove that the photo is not right. Many Wish app shoppers complain that they are asked to pay for return shipping which can cost more than the items they want to return, since they have to be sent back to China.

I threw away the packaging information when I tried to return a Wish item that was blatantly not what I bought. You should not discard anything until you get your money. Customer service is not always helpful.

There are wish scam.

You need to be careful about wish scam. I bought it to see what I would get after I found what looked too good to be true. I got a free TV on Wish. The seller changed the description of the item to a pair of headphones after it was shipped.

Watch out for items that are too good to be true.

There are items that are too good to be true.

The seller made $20,000 or more in a day for headphones in the hopes that people will forget, or that they will close up shop before the product arrives.

The video below shows what we got when our TV arrived.

The description for the Ultra-thin Quad-Core Laptop 14” Screen Display 1366*768 is incorrect, as it is just a keyboard skin.

It is important to read the descriptions of items on Wish because they may look good to be true.

What can you buy on wish?

There are a lot of items on Wish that are better than what you will find in a store, like fake police badges, swimming pools, boats, and much more. You can buy it on wish if it is made in China.

There are fake gold bars.

Fake Gold Bars

You can buy fake gold bars. These bars are designed to look like gold. You only need to pay $3 for an ounce of fake gold that is designed to look like real gold, because the price is only $54.

The description is what you are getting. The photo shows Credit Suisse and appears to show gold, but it is actually a replica souvenir coin.

This is a great prank gift to give. A bar of gold like this can be a lot. purchased on eBay For more.

Fake Gold Bars

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  2. I wish I knew about this app when I was buying clothes for dolls.

  3. The Wish app sucks, it didn’t have a costumer service number, and I was given a refund because I complained about poor quality. Products on the wish app are broken and they can be fixed cheaply. The costumer service is a cell phone, that says I would be full. The Franc App is 100%.

    • One item is broken.

  4. I got 4 billion nose strips packages, but I didn’t order them. I didn’t get my eyebrow pencil and I didn’t get a Refunds or a service.

  5. I got their phone number on my discover statement, but they don’t have voice mail set up, and I never get a response in California.

  6. Some of you are technologically challenged. I use Wish all the time. Sometimes I get my items, and sometimes I don’t, but they have a “did you receive your order yes/no” option. When no is selected, you get a refund. I have received refunds from the shipping is taking too long or the shipment is not received, if that isn’t an available option.

    • You must be working for a reason, so that you can praise them and get a refund as our stuff hasn’t arrived at all. I wish staff would stop working.

      • I didn’t get an item and it was a week after the estimated arrival date. I sent them a message saying I didn’t get the item, and they immediately gave me a refund. The item arrived a week later. You just had a bad experience.

      • I don’t think you told them of the issue. You can keep the item if you get a refund through wish. You probably don’t know how to use the app properly. I know it’s easier to blame the app.

    • I have had a great experience with Wish, even when the item is not as advertised, they always give me a refund in a timely manner, and in most cases you don’t have to send the item back. I have been given a refund because the item took longer than expected to be delivered, but I got the item and the refund again, which was very easy.

  7. I have bought a lot of things for a couple of years now, only one went missing, and I was immediately Refunds with no problems at all.

  8. I have never had an issue that could not be solved. A good consumer should read things and not have rip offs. It is a mobile Dollar Tree, things are not always going to be the best, but this is why you read the reviews. For every positive one, read a negative one.

  9. Body buying at Wish can be done at ShopZero. Shopzero.net is a website.All products are free at ShopZero and only have to pay for shipping.

  10. I can only imagine how little workers in China make for making these products if the company is able to charge so little, ship for so little, and then give a full refund to anyone who never received their item. I will be removing the app now that I know what it is. It is not worth the guilt of knowing what went into making a fake version of something I bought for nothing and will probably never use. I tried to order things from China 3 times and the products were completely misrepresented. Would you want your child to work in the conditions that most workers in China work in just so someone halfway across the world could have a low quality item made with cheap materials that will surely break or wear out quickly? This system is not something that I like. If you want to learn more about the system and how it works, check out this article and then look for interviews and individual stories of people who are being taken advantage of in order to make others pay less. Bleh.

    The business of worldbusiness was published on January 5, 2008.

  11. A wish comes true or not? The quality and snail-like shipping speed is disappointing. I found a shopping app called FashionTIY in the app store.

    • Thanks! I downloaded FashionTY, and it looks pretty cool, so far, I would recommend it.

  12. I don’t know why people are upset with Wish. You can complain about service and quality if you read the reviews. Anyone with common sense should know this. Do you have enough patience to wait 10 days for a package? Everything I ordered came in perfect condition and was so cheap. I know to check reviews and customer photos before buying so I don’t regret buying any items.

    • We would love to get our stuff in 10 days. What a bull! We didn’t get our stuff until 2 months ago. Stop talking.

      • It is different for every user and depending on what factory you are in, the experience is going to be different. If the store has a high level of satisfaction, the products are probably not great even for cheap rates. Some modes of shipping are more expensive than others. Two of my items are already in the US, while other items are stuck in customs for the same amount of time. It depends on who the seller is, where they are, and so on.

        I am not saying wish is an amazing app. I think it is a hit or miss. It averages out to be a coin flip.

  13. I have never had an issue with getting a refund when stuff doesn’t come, but I have been given refunds for things that were poor quality. I have been Refunds over things not being the correct size even though they are wrong. I have been giving back 4 things that were not in the correct color. I accidentally ordered something and have been given a full refund. I have never been asked to return the item. I get a quick response when I request a refund by going to the my orders page.

  14. How do you use a promo code? Have you ever had a promo code work for fee shipping?

  15. My friends, family and I shop at Wish a lot. I agree with the comments about resolving shopping issues quickly. You can contact customer service via the app if you don’t receive your item by the due date. If your item is not received, they will immediately return your money. If you want to get a refund for an item that isn’t received, you can choose to not contact customer service. I was able to use that method for the few items I didn’t receive. I will tell users to read the descriptions and view the images posted by buyers. Clicking on the Product Reviews tab will allow you to view buyers’ images and ratings on a phone. We have purchased a lot of things from Wish and have been very pleased with them. I wear a US size Med for winter. I bought a jacket from Wish in a size larger than I wanted. I know that my coat size is a large. I wear a shoe that is a size 8. My shoe size is either size 40 or 9.5. I have a foot. Take the measurements before you check the sizing charts.

  16. Over half of the total cost is free shipping.

  17. I stopped using wish because nothing happens. They have a option to return the item, but what is the point of ordering something and then having to pay for it again?

  18. I love shopping at Wish. I look at the pictures and use the reviews. It would be great if everyone rated the products they buy. I have had items that were damaged or broke returned through the app without any problems. I have ordered many things that are perfect. I have been able to go much farther with my money because of Wish. This discount is costly.

  19. I shop from Wish and am very pleased with most of the items I have purchased. If there was a mistake in ordering, it was my fault because I didn’t put the correct address in. You have to check the revues and make sure of the size, but you should do this with all things ordered online from any company. My item has been wonderful. I like the shoes. The red ones are my favorite. I would have all my shoes in red. I love the coat. I figured out the sizes I need to order after reading some of the shows. I have learned how to order now after I said that any mistake was formed on my part. I will also order more items. Each item comes from a different company. Some ships faster than others. If you need the item by a certain time period, order on time. I can say that I am very pleased with my items.

  20. I was surprised that I didn’t receive one of the items I ordered, I requested a refund and received it, I have been sceptic about wish.com app. I have received my goods in good condition all the way from my 4th order and I am happy that I have received them. Sometimes unlucky people get poor stuff and it can happen to me, but that is not to say that wish is bad. I will order from ebay. They have cheap stuff so will love to order from them. Have you ever ordered from eBay and received your stuff?

    • Hi, I’mNatasha. I am from South Africa and have been considering purchasing from Wish. I want to know how long it took for your order to arrive. I am confused as to what shipping company they use.

  21. I have an account and appreciate it, but I am having problems with it. It won’t accept my email because it was lost on the tablet.

  22. Do you offer a shipping discount for purchases over $75? I want to place a large order, but the shipping cost is too high.

  23. I have only just started to have issues with stuff and can’t find a return centre address, can anyone tell me what it is in the UK?

  24. How do you shop with other people?

  25. I have never bought from this site but I thought I would give it another chance and it happened to me twice. They keep saying that the post office never got anything, but I never got my item.

  26. I loved using wish when I first used it. Things are becoming almost as much as I can get at a bargain store without the long wait times, because the shipping cost is now more than the item cost. I will still use wish for many things, but I will be more careful when calculating if waiting 2 months for an item is worth saving 2 to 5 dollars. The savings are not becoming worth it because of the wait times.

  27. Do you have to pay import duties on items when they arrive in your country?

  28. A lot of people don’t get emails back saying they can send the item back and get a new one, things may come broken accept it You have to consider things like the size and colour of the item, and the app might not have it you want. I thought I should add that in for the people who complain because you should know this stuff before you complain.

  29. What about Sweatshops? Child labor? Jesus. You must be bored because you are sitting in your air conditioned house with a new iPad in your hand. I would be happy if my mom or child were working in China, it would mean they have a job and can afford food and rent. The priorities and moral decisions of the first world have no place in the rest of the working class world.

  30. I just request a refund when the stuff is junk. I never had a problem getting a monetary return. People are worried that you can’t put 2 and 2 together and just file an item that isn’t recieved. Instead of running around looking for post offices, I would like to. It’s scary to think these people vote.

  31. It was said to contact within 8 hours from ordering to ship. Customer service number is not found.

  32. I have always wanted to do business that is affordable for me and the customers and I believe wish is my answer to make my kids and my life better, I am an unemployed single mother of three kids and wish to do business that is affordable for me and the customers.

  33. My son is mentally ill and he ordered a lot from wish.com. I wasn’t worried about it because I only got a few things back and I have a lot of Wish on my computer that was either not ordered or said it was a refund.

  34. I like to shop direct at sites like dealextreme.com. Use a website that compares those sites.

  35. Do not order from anyone. I am getting empty packages. I got my second one today. The first one, Wish only paid half of my money back. If they do this to a lot of people, that money adds up quickly. They have free money.

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  37. I would love to. I laugh at people who don’t read descriptions. They see a picture of a car with two lights but the description says only one light. They say it is not like the picture. What a bull! A scam is 1 star. . I think the picture also showed a car. Did they expect that? Most people in Chinese think if you order a red hat and they send you a blue one, it’s a sign that you’re going to do it again. It is awesome if you just buy basic stuff and parts.

  38. Why do the prices change when you put an item in your cart? The boots I want are shown at $11 plus $7 shipping, but in the cart, the price is $18. The price of change was from $8 to $20 What is the deal?

    • Since you didn’t click submit or purchase before the deadline, the item goes back to its original price. It will continue to do that. It is annoying.

    • Be sure to check to make sure it is not on expedited shipping in your cart.

      They almost always delivery by the normal postal service unless you choose the expedited option. I have never used that option. If you post a review of your products, other people can only see it. Unless you change them to private, your wishlists are public. It usually tells you about taxes and other fees in the item description area. I have never had to pay anything extra. They accept credit cards, Google pay, and Paypal as payment methods. I use a personal account with a personal guarantee because I feel safer, and if I ever need a refund, it is covered by the account.

      If you are new to the market, you can use a coupon code. They give you a chance to get a 50% off. My husband got 20% off his first order when he used a friends code. I received the full 50% off when my husband shared his code. You can give out a usable referral code as soon as you sign up. I advise you to make your first purchase before giving the code out. When someone uses your code, you get up to 50% off again as soon as they place their order. They usually send the notice the next day. This discount is only used by you, and it only lasts for 42 hours. You can get discounts as a revisiting customer if you use the “wish coupon codes for regular customers” option. All referral codes and most sale codes have the same discount applied to shipping too.

      Don’t buy the first item you like. You can choose between related and product reviews. If you compare shipping costs and price, you can usually find the same item cheaper. The main item page has reviews on it. Under the product reviews tab, only buy items with good reviews. You can go back to where the product reviews tab was and find the store reviews tab, if you want to know about the seller. If you put an item in your cart that you don’t want, then click the back button, and they will give you an additional 5% off, if you buy now. If you use the back button on your device, it will keep the five percent off until you place your order, which is contrary to what Wish says. You get points for each item you buy. You get 100 points for signing up, and you get even more points for each picture and review you give, good or bad. The videos are only 30 seconds long. The points add up quickly, the more you save, the higher your discount unlocks. It can pay off if you read the info and be patient. Ask any female with long nails how much it costs to have a salon do a gel nail extension or just a refill, and you will get an idea of how much it costs. Long explanation was shorter. I bought the products from wish for my gel fit at home kit for 35 dollars including shipping and half off the cost. I learned how to do them from watching videos. I have used up most of my supplies and the kit has paid for itself at least 18 times over in just half a year. That is over a hundred dollars, and that is low estimating. I get to do my daughter’s nails and have fun with her, as a bonus. The cost of her nails being done every two weeks was included. I am sorry to hear that you have had bad experiences. I hope this will help future consumers. I will post a Wish code and a Geek code for new customers as well. Thanks for reading and I wish you good fortune.

  39. I ordered earbuds on November 9 and haven’t received them yet, but I can get them from ebay or Amazon. I will not buy from wish anymore if I get a set of earbuds that are not good.

  40. I ordered some stuff from wish app and I hope they deliver it here in Japan, I hope they don’t give me a bad experience.

  41. I hope they will deliver it here in Japan, I hope they don’t let me down.

  42. I am from India and there is no cash on delivery.

  43. I believe that is the most important info for me. I am studying your article. The web site style is great, the articles are commentary on some common things. Excellent in reality. Just right task. cheers

  44. We have a lot of people who want to ship your products to NIGERIA, but we don’t have access to it, so we need to make arrangements for the other people. I am waiting for your reply.

  45. Unless you are a small anoerexic, you should not buy clothing from Wish. I was so small that I could not get my tops over my bust, the sleeves were too small and I bought two different things. Hopeless for the Westerner. I am just putting them down to experience. If something looks too good to be true it is often not.

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